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Favorite Pokémon: See About Me for my favorite Pokemon by type.
Friend Codes: My FC is not for the public.
But, I'm back in Pokemon GO: 5841 8581 8870

Was:  "JasonE" (1st),
          "JasonEeveeLution" (2nd),
          "J. Fuseon (Amalgeon)" (3rd),
          "Fusion Elitist Jason" (4th),
          "Jay ze VünderTrainer" (5th)
          "Jay the ꞰꓯωꓯÏ ꓱǝʌeE" (6th)
          "Multivee" (7th)

Now: Jay the Sly Nicvee
Potential New Name: Hollow the Sylveekyu
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Friends List/Acquaintances/DB users:

- xllllllllx - (Icy)
♥ ~P e k o c h u~ ♥
Lucky Ranno
Current Listing:

Glazio Kawaii (Glaz)
KitKåtKK2 (Kit)
Supernova (Nova)
Drifty-Boy (Drifty)
PrimalKyogre (PK)
PianoGeek123 (PG)
Kyogre71 (Ky)
About me: 50% Nickit, 50% Eevee, 100% Fan of Both
Favorite Pokémon By Type:

NOR: Silvally (Normal)
FIR: Volcarona (Bug/Fire)
WAT: Kingdra (Water/Dragon)
ELE: Eelektross (Electric)
GRA: Leavanny (Bug/Grass)
ICE: Froslass (Ice/Ghost)
FIG: Lucario (Fighting/Steel)
POI: Drapion (Poison/Dark)
GRO: Flygon (Ground/Dragon)
FLY: Swanna (Water/Flying)
PSY: Delphox (Fire/Psychic)
BUG: Vikavolt (Bug/Electric)
ROC: Gigalith (Rock)
GHO: Golurk (Ground/Ghost)
DRA: Naganadel (Poison/Dragon)
DAR: Incineroar (Fire/Dark) / Bisharp (Dark/Steel)
STE: Aegislash (Steel/Ghost)
FAI: Togekiss (Fairy/Flying)
Favorite Pokémon By Type (as of SW/SH):
NOR: Silvally [Normal/-]
FIR: (1) Volcarona [Bug/Fire] + (2) Cinderace [Fire/-]
WAT: (1) Kingdra [Water/Dragon] + (2) Inteleon [Water/-]
ELE: (1) Galvantula [Electric/Bug]
GRA: Ferrothorn [Grass/Steel]
ICE: Frosmoth [Ice/Bug]
FIG: (1) Lucario [Fighting/Steel] + (2) Falinks [Fighting/-]
POI: (1) Drapion (Poison/Dark) + (2) Toxtricity [Electric/Poison]
GRO: (1) Flygon [Ground/Dragon] + (2) Runerigus [Ground/Ghost]
FLY: Corviknight [Flying/Steel]
PSY: Orbeetle [Psychic/Bug]
BUG: (1) Vikavolt [Electric/Bug] + (2) Centiskorch [Fire/Bug]
ROC: (1) Gigalith [Rock/-] + (2) Coalossal [Fire/Rock]
GHO: (1) Golurk [Ground/Ghost] + (2) Dragapult [Ghost/Dragon]
DRA: Goodra [Dragon/-] + (2) Duraludon [Dragon/Steel]
DAR: (1) Incineroar [Fire/Dark] + (2) Grimmsnarl [Dark/Fairy]
STE: (1) Aegislash [Ghost/Steel]+ (2) Bisharp [Dark/Steel]
FAI: (1) Togekiss [Fairy/Flying] + (2) Hatterene [Psychic/Fairy]
But, my overall fav types are Fire, Electric, and Steel.
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Favorite Move by Type (and Category):
NOR: Extreme Speed OR Multi-Attack[p] / Boomburst OR Hyper Voice[s]
FIR: Pyro Ball[p] / Flamethrower OR Mystical Fire[s]
WAT: Waterfall[p] / Scald OR Surf[s]
ELE: Plasma Fists[p] / Overdrive OR Thunderbolt[s]
GRA: Horn Leech OR Leaf Blade OR Power Whip[p] / Energy Ball OR Giga Drain[s]
ICE: Ice Fang[p] / Ice Beam OR Freeze-Dry[s]
FIG: Double Kick OR Sacred Sword[p] / Aura Sphere[s]
POI: Poison Jab[p] / Sludge Bomb OR Sludge Wave[s]
GRO: Dig OR Earthquake[p] / Earth Power[s]
FLY: Fly[p] / Air Slash OR Hurricane[s]
PSY: Zen Headbutt[p] / Photon Geyser OR Psychic[s]
BUG: Leech Life OR X-Scissor[p] / Bug Buzz[s]
ROC: Rock Slide[p] / Power Gem[s]
GHO: Phantom Force OR Shadow Claw[p] / Shadow Ball[s]
DRA: Breaking Swipe OR Dragon Claw[p] / Core Enforcer OR Dragon Pulse OR Dynamax Cannon[s]
DAR: Darkest Lariat OR Night Slash[p] / Dark Pulse[s]
STE: Iron Head OR Iron Tail[p] / Flash Cannon[s]
FAI: Play Rough[p] / Dazzling Gleam[s]
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Favorite Legendary/Mythical by Type:
Silvally/Arceus = Normal
Victini = Fire
Volcanion/Palkia = Water
Regieleki/Zeraora = Electric
Calyrex = Grass
Kyurem = Ice
Urshifu/Marshadow = Fighting
Eternatus = Poison
Zygarde = Ground
Rayquaza = Flying
Jirachi/Necrozma = Psychic
Genesect = Bug
Diancie = Rock
Hoopa C./Giratina= Ghost
Regidrago/Dialga = Dragon
Darkrai = Dark
Melmetal = Steel
Magearna/Xerneas = Fairy
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Least Favorite Pokémon:

Beldum, Cosmoem, Cosmog, Magikarp, Pyukumuku, Unown (if it doesn't have Psychic-type HP), Wobbuffet, and Wynaut

My most hated Pokémon is GREEDUNT
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Favorite to Least-Favorite Generation:

1.) Gen 8 (Galar)
2.) Gen 6 (Kalos)
3.) Gen 7 (Alola)
4.) Gen 4 (Sinnoh) / Gen 1 (Kanto) / Gen 3 (Hoenn)
5.) Gen 5 (Unova)
6.) Gen 2 (Johto) (Least-Fav.)
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Pokémon Games Played:
X, Sun, Ultra Sun, LGE, and Shield

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The Glazio News
Frock I have to rewrite the news. Stupid WordPad. Anyway, we went to the above floor 'cause Traitor Dude's a fricking lamehead and me and Gladion faced off against two Aether Employees who got epically destroyed as Gla-Gla was cute and I wished death on them. Hey, I think I like this better than my old version of the news so far. Then me and Hau had to face Traitor Dude and lamehead employee number three. There was this moment where Glazio had low HP and I had him use Detect. They had both targeted me, letting Hau's Alolan Raichu get off a free Psychic. Isn't that cool? Buncha losers. The Aether Employees ran home to their mommies and Traitor Dude got glared at very much hard. Ask Gla-Gla and his cutie whees. So then we could move on and I beat the frock outta some Team Skull frockheads and went to face Guzma. He had defeated Gladion who looked quite upset and... I don't know what Gladion's Japanese lines are, but I wrote down part of his English chatter: "All the days I struggled alone and lonely... it was all for nothing? Is that it?" Talk about depressing. Anyway, I actually lost to Guzma and had to try again. When I succeeded, I went to the mansion thingy and Lillie was with Number 1 Mom Lusamine who has a piece of the Bittercold from Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity for a brain. So she went to the snazzy dungeon place which I followed her into like a creepy stalker. And Lills and Gla-Gla and Hauhead went in as well. Some crazy stuff happened, I kicked Loserirene's rear, and she and Guzma leaped into a wormhole like a pair of psychotic morons. Oh wait they are. Sorry I'm not sorry. So then I took a romantic ferry ride with Gla-Gla over to Poni Island and then he left and I felt big sad. I got stuck with his sister. Epic cry. Anyway, I headed to the Ruins of Hope and what's-her-face... oh yeah, Hapu, became kahuna so she's fancy now. Then some stuff happened I guess I can't remember and I beat up some Team Skull Grunts and the Ultra French Toast Squad who fell epically to Silver's Corkscrew Crash. Oh, and Gladie evolved into an Arcanine. Yaaaaay! That's it for now! See ya!
18 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
So kinda like he was the first project sorta like KKs queen Elizabeth II for Skyridge?  If were on each-others right track i like it!
1 day ago by Supernova
Wow  it helps focus our base chaakara and is used in healing d em pick now that i know what it is  
Yes i’ refering tovBloodstone now i think i lnow how to wirk Jason into the story he could very an older-brother figure to the projects what do you think? How would you like him to fit in?
1 day ago by Supernova
Well no i guess not. I am curious though i said “poepke” were  experimented  On how dors a cyborg fit in? As far as i know they are robots. And theres no “combat depot” because why do  scientists  Need combat? I pike it buut we’ll have to see hoe we can fit him in and uh what’s Bloodstone? Just curious
1 day ago by Supernova
it’s about people who have been  experimented on using crushed gems that are injected like shits the result vairys deoending on gem but each one gains a power it’s mostly about how the @projects”  live and howxthey’re altered  my nain OCs are Paisley Daze (daughter of obe ofcthe  scientists AKA Project Pink Topaz) and Jessie Sands (a nonbinary who was  abandon  At Fairhaven by their barents) KK i think is doing Roxane Pausley's twin and or sister (AKA project Ruby)  wventually they all escape and have to find a way to blend i.to “normal society”
2 days ago by Supernova
Kind of but also not really it’s like Fairhaven but a different lab abd stuff  whatcha think of it?
3 days ago by Supernova
(Sighs) i’ll explain BTW i’m not sighing at you.

So you lnow user “ThatPokemonBoi?” And my old west ff? Well...

Boi asked if he could desgin his characters hometown, though Casteele was already a “buolt” region. I said “sure why not?” So Deifu was born. Then  boi asked if he could make some FAjemon, well the old west story was gonna have fajemon abd a new region. So i gave him the same summary as i gave you. Suddenlyvhe’s got all these Welsh names for fakemon i mean WHY WELSH?  But i let it slide. More and more welsh popped up so finally i said “you lnow this was supposed to be old west and indiabs?” He said “yep” so we went on well now the whole DANG region is based on “Eales” the country, okay change the story be adaptive...but now i just don’t FRIPPING lnow i don’t think it’s really mine abymore except for the two OCs UGGGGHHHH oh not to mention he said “can you give me a list of all of Casteele’s cities and towns, I can’t edit them” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?  At this point i don’t think i wanna write the darn thing!

Sorry i just ranted like a mad woman... Glazio said if ibwasn’t having fun i should stop but i don’t wanna hurt someones feellings i like feedback and stuff but but (turns away) i just don’t lnow!
Sorry again
6 days ago by Supernova
Hi Jason the Sly Nicvee! What should I call you?
Sep 18 by ASS8666
Old-west Pokemon
Leo Karson is a Pokemon Hunter, though he is non-lethal in his work. One day he meets Crimson , the eldest daughter of a chieftain, who has been raised sheltered and somewhat overprotected.
They met when Leo was on a job and a sudden storm blew in, a lightning bolt struck a tree and a burning branch fell on him. Crimson found him the next day and took him back to het village. Crimson’s father was displeased ny his daughters actions telling her she could never trust the outsider-boy as he will only bend her yo his will and force her to take him to the Natives Sacred ground. Leo of course knows nothing about the natives “god” and has no intentions of doing it any harm, he just wants to get back to work but Crimson , in an attempt to prove her father wrong takes Leo to the Sacred Ground, he does not try to steal her peoples god away. Crimson’s father is angrier now and tells Crimson, if she can’t keep tress-passers out she is no better than then and that she must leave and return. A few weeks later the god is awakened by an un-worry intruder. Upon hearing her people are in danger Crimson and Leo return as outcasts to save them.
Sep 17 by Supernova
Hello! This is a regular post lol

Sorry bout the other day in chat, i looked back and saw you has “called to me” but apparently i’d left without seeing it.

Also saw that Y rejected your spy OC i wish i’d kept it cuz it was cool sounding
. I must add i’m honeurd you and flareon thought the soy thing was my idea but i’m not THAT creative however i think i have yet another future idea it combines old west with Pokemon it would yake place in a new region that i’d make up (like Casteele but suited to the idea)

I hope your doing well abd I WILL SEND MORE GIFTS, LOL I was gonna yrsterday but itvwas almost midnoght. Hope tonsee you in vhat later!
Sep 17 by Supernova