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The rose.
6 days ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
You know what grabs my attention in that grav?
6 days ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
It's hard to do competitive on my phones, and even then, it's kinda boring and repetitive.
6 days ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
Jan 12 by Mr. Beast™
Jan 12 by ○Celestial Shadows●
You're bringing up Steels because?
Jan 12 by ○Celestial Shadows●
You too!
Jan 12 by J™
Thank you! Congrats to u too
Jan 12 by ~Smoothie~
Jan 11 by Amethyst
Congrats on the official promotion to editor!  I was updating roles on Discord and I’m having trouble finding you. Did you change your username since posting on the Discord verification thread below or just stop using Discord altogether? It’s not required, but it is our main means of communicating privately as Staff, so we would recommend it.

Jan 11 by KRLW