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Gender: 99% female, 1% alien.
Country: O Canada, my home and native land.
Favorite Pokémon: Ditto, because he can be alll the pokemon! Also, pink blob. Lilligant is close though! My favorite shiny is celebi. It’s probably obvious though.
Friend Codes: :(. My parents turned off friends on my 2ds, and I’m not allowed to use it on the switch.
About me: I’m 12. I L O V E love Pokemon. I only play casually though. Ok, maybe not ONLY casually. I am on Showdown!, after all. Same name as on here. Also love books, they make me happy. I can’t comprehend Fahrenheit, or 4 years of high school, so don’t ask me. If you don’t get the reference in country, it’s the first lyric of our national anthem.

My favorite quotes.
"There has to be ninjas around here somewhere!" -Some random guy in Wyndon Yes, the pokemon location. Yes, the vanilla game.

Favorite Pokémon by type!
Normal: Ditto (1st favorite)
Electric:  Oricorio PomPom style
Fire: Chandelure (4th favorite)
Ground: Palossand
Grass: Lilligant (2nd favorite)
Dark: Absol
Fairy: Alcremie
Bug: Ribombee
Water: Frillish
Psychic: Celebi (3rd favorite)
Fighting: Meloetta (Pirouette form)
Ghost: Mimikyu
Flying: Talonflame
Dragon: Goodra
Poison: Roserade
Steel: Mawile (5th favorite)
Ice: Glaceon
Rock: Aurourus

 -------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

Replay section! Copy paste the thing

Quiz! If you get them all right, then I will give you a hi-five across the Internet.
Not Pokemon random knowledge edition!

1. Which body part can the femur be found in?
2. How many days are in a fortnight? (Not the video game! ;))
3. What letter is 01001011 binary for? (Hint: my favorite!)
4. What is the primary gas in the earths atmosphere?
5.  What number do most people say when asked a random number from 1 to 10?
6. Fill in the blank! ____ translates to “rule by the father”

The quiz will be updated as soon as somebody gets them all right.
People who did it:
DelphoxOracle (x2)
Jason the Sly Nicvee

I now have a club. It shall be known as the Pink Celebi club. This club is for people I regard as online friends. Thanks to Glazio Kawaii for the idea.
Current members:

1. KitkatKK2. That’s me!
2. Glazio Kawaii. The person who gave me the idea of a club.
3. Supernova
4. Darkrai07 (honestly idk if ur alive)
5. Serena the sylveon (see above)
6. Jason the sly Nicvee

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Hi, you're probably wondering why i haven’t done Lroject Royale ir Fairhaven and I don’t want you thinking i’m not doing them i’m stull planning them out in Pages so it’ll be awhile. Un the nean time i’ve got yet another original Story that won’t need much more planning. It’ll take place in a world i’ll build as I go. In said world there are “puffers” pittle puffballs that walk, ralk,feel, learn etc. who live alongside humans peacefully  and happily, until a secret org decides  that Puffers are lower than low abd they maje plans to  exterminate  The Luffers  discreetly . My main OC will be a girl about 13-14 and Limeon (like Simon but with lime) a Lime green Pyffer whl is her vest friend. These two and they’re friends (yes i’m taking OCs) world together to save all the Puffers . If you’re interested heres the requirements
How they met “their” Puffer

Age (they age same as humans)

Heres Limeon’s for an example.
Name Limeon
Gender male
Age 12
 Appearance, lime green fur, large dark green eyes, silver glasses and silver bat-like ears on top of head.
Personalty, fun-loving  adventurous, Though slightly timid. Limeon is very smart and xreative he sometimes needs a little  encouragement  To go out if his comfirt zobe but generally will try anything at least once. He’s always ready to lend a hand and is a good listener. He is tender-hearted  but doesn't always let others know if he’s hurt o not feeling well.
Quieks, Limeon loves Lime’s, they are his favorite though he makes silly faces after eating them due to the flavor. He is  imaginative and always has ideas he loves write, draw and paint. He hates getting wet.
7 hours ago by Supernova
I don't know why but I assumed that you were an expert/editor
17 hours ago by A typical glance
Ah! Ok then! :I

ASS8666 used Hammer arm!
Glaile's substitute took the damage!
Glaile's substitute faded!
18 hours ago by ASS8666
ASS8666 used Moonblast!
Glaile's substitute took the damage!
Glaile's substitute faded!
1 day ago by ASS8666
Glaile protected itself!
ASS8666 used Misty terrain!
All status conditions are disabled!
1 day ago by ASS8666
It's super effective!
Octillery fainted!
2 days ago by ASS8666
I've base spd. 105 at lvl 100, I'll move first!!
ASS8666 appeared!
ASS8666 used Zap cannon!
2 days ago by ASS8666
Yeah! I'm a weaker legend I think. Catch me if ya can!!! (Check my stats on my profile before that)!!!!
3 days ago by ASS8666
Ahh, intresting kinda neat seeings as i did Elizabeth I. So far your the only who’s Project Royale soo i’ll make a few more OCs and then i’ll start Fairhaven and Riyale sadly neither ones got a lot of intrest  but Jason joined Fairhaven so thers us three there but Royale is just us XD i’ll most likely start tomorrow or the next  day
5 days ago by Supernova
Ohh cool royal OC i’m asduming that your Eluzabeth is the currentvobe? I didn’t know there werd rumors that she was imortal. Welcome tobProject Royale’ thanks for joining
5 days ago by Supernova