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Hey, I read on your profile that u like nuzlockes! If that's the case then please check out my site!
Btw Merry Christmas!
Dec 26, 2021 by This Guy
Water really sucks cause it doesn't let you do anything. Where I live, there have been 5 typhoons and a flood in the past 2 years, so I know how bad it gets. And as for why I thought you were affected by the typhoon, it was just a guess.
Dec 24, 2021 by Draco Magnis
Water really sucks. Hope you and your family are alright
Dec 24, 2021 by Draco Magnis
Yep. What's up anyway? Did that typhoon affect you?
Dec 20, 2021 by Draco Magnis
Hey, the food's good at least. (Unless you are a child, when it is the best holiday ever, when "Santa" comes and gifts you something. I really wish there was a Santa for adults)
Dec 13, 2021 by Draco Magnis
I'll do that and try it out. I'm playing Black again. What's up at ur place? U celebrate Christmas?
Dec 12, 2021 by Draco Magnis
Dec 10, 2021 by Draco Magnis
Actually that's ****** hilarious XD
Dec 9, 2021 by BaronVonThomason III
I just realized I can check what has been edited so imma do that now
Dec 9, 2021 by BaronVonThomason III
Dec 9, 2021 by BaronVonThomason III