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Gender: Male
Country: Idonottel
Favorite Pokémon: I like the Regis
Friend Codes: 3DS: 3712 - 0158 - 5466

Showdown stuff:  

I don't play as much now, but when I do, it's usually with some stupid gimmick in an AG format.

Gen 8 AG peak: 2058
Gen 8 Ubers peak: 1687
NDAG peak: 1976
NDMono peak: 1646
Monotype peak: 1601
Gen 8 1v1 peak: 1657
Gen 8 Randoms: 1819

About Me:

Hi. I'm Light Hope (totally original name), but you can call me Hope or something. Just not CS (or related), please. <:)

Maybe if I removed my shiny gallery, I wouldn't be as recognizable. But then there's my wall...

"Lemeres: its crazy how i was mocked in ubers for using ubers pokemon"

"Maybe I haven't seen enough back-to-school ads to give me that snapping realization that, "Oh shoot! School's starting!" This year, it was more like "HEY! School's starting, now get your ass in here!"

*Shiny Hunts*

Current hunts:
•Azelf (Diamond)
•Torchic (Ruby)

Future hunts:
°Ponyta, Mantyke (Diamond)
°Dratini, Mareep, Geodude, Heracross, Slowpoke (HeartGold)
°Unown (Diamond or HeartGold I dunno I just want one)
°Snivy, Litwick, Scraggy, Tynamo, Drilbur, Archen (B/W/B2/W2)

~Shiny Gallery~

This was my first shiny ever. I was doing some training and was going to leave when I decided to do one last encounter. To my surprise, it was differently colored. I caught it because I didn't know what shinies were but I knew it was special somehow.

Fire Red:
-Oddish -> Gloom -> Vileplume
Just training some pokemon and encountered this. I was excited because I knew what shinies were and I eventually evolved it into Vileplume.


- Drifloon -> Drifblim
This was my first official shiny hunt in an actual game and not a rom. Took me about 3 days which was lucky. I evolved it into Drifblim.

-Took me over a year, I postponed it and came back, so I can proudly say I caught this damn Dialga.

I was doing random encounters hoping for Snover when this beauty showed up. I probably did like under 1000 encounters that is so lucky

I was doing Wayward Cave double encounters. It was next to a Bronzor, but beggars can't be choosers...

Phase 2 of the prison escape. Bronzer still isn't nice Ig...

-Bronzer -> Brenzong
Heh. This hunt is finally over! Almost a year ago, I started this hunt, and it only took me watching someone play Ace Attorney at 1:56 AM on October 24, 2022 to get this thing. It was next to a Zubat, which is poetic, since my shiny Zubat was next to a Bronzor, and it follows a Friday-Saturday-Sunday pattern. It has Jolly Nature, probably one of the worst ones for it, but honestly, I don't care, I'm just glad I've escaped Bronzer's prison.

A surprisingly quick hunt. Didn't even realize it was shiny at first since I wasn't paying attention. Hunt took almost 5 days.

Sneasel number 2. Took longer than the first, but it wasn't that long a hunt. However, this Sneasel did not want to get in the ball. It dodged 2 Icy Winds in a row, one WHILE SLEEPING, and it broke out the ball several times without shaking. He has +SpA nature like my first Sneasel, but at least it's not as bad.


-Chikorita -> Bayleef
Same day as phase 2 Zubat. A rather quick hunt thankfully, and the start of my shiny playthrough.

-Rattata -> Raticate
Joycons weren't working so I decided to hunt in HeartGold and I got it. Didn't notice it at first since I was caught up in chat, but after panicking over my low amount of Pokeballs, I caught it. Got it on my mom's Bday too.

-Zubat -> Golbat -> Crobat
There I was at 12:00 AM on a school night, watching Mario Kart videos and running around the Slowpoke Well. Honestly I can't complain, since Zubat has a higher spawn rate, but it's still a shiny nonetheless


-Rookidee -> Corvisquire -> Corviknight
A nice shiny to start a nice shiny playthrough. The origin of his name, Bruce, is I was trying to think of Wolverine's name, I thought of Batman's, and said Aw f#%k it. He has an Uncommon Mark too.

-Sizzlipede -> Centiskorch
Member 2. I had started an encounter and went into sleep mode, after a few hours and watching some Magic Starfish Pokers, I started hunting again and the encounter I was in was the shiny.

Pov: You try to find a picture of your crush on the Internet, but after failing, you get a shiny in 3 encounters instead. But seriously though. 643 encounters?! That was soooo quick!

-Golett -> Golurk
Well, after probably about 2,000 (Golett) encounters,  I finally found this waddling ancient golem child. The fourth shiny on a weekend too! All my Sheld shinies ARE following the same pattern.

First shiny in max lair on my other file. Honestly would be happier if I didn't already have a s***ton of them from the wormholes, but a shiny is a shiny I guess...

Another max lair. I wasn't even hunting, I was trying to get a Damp Swampert, so when I got this on the first raid of the day, I was decently surprised.

I was in the Crown Tundra looking for Articuno, realized it wasn't at the top, and headed backwards. In the tunnel to the top, I was trying to avoid running into anything. Well, apparently my biking skills were so bad I ran into this one Snorunt I was trying to avoid. The orange Snorunt was actually blue. It was almost 2 days after Sceptile and my first random 1/4096 odds shiny since Zebstrika.

Heh, I still got to get this in Alpha Sapphire. Anyways, I was clearing out legends in the Max Lair for competitive on my first file. I had done my usual thing of covering the Pokemon, leaving small cracks to see the mons, and apparently, I had done a really bad job of covering it up, as I only saw the white parts. When I removed my hand, I was surprised to find a shiny. It's Special Attack is lacking, but a shiny is a shiny.

-Grookey -> Thwackey -> Rillaboom
After some thought, I decided this was the shiny I wanted for my last member for my shiny playthrough. George's legacy lives on through Georgie. Got it on the 300th egg. So far, all my Sheld shinies were found on weekend days.

-Dreepy -> Drakloak -> Dragapult
Started it before getting Georgie, then got the motivation to finish the hunt. Got it sometime after 300 eggs.

I decided I wanted a shiny Cryogonal for the Regice temple puzzle. Got it a while after Landorus and while using inverse colors. Took over 420 eggs.

Hatched for my gimmick set. Got just under 300 eggs.

I wanted a shiny one to hatch eggs. My longest egg hunt in Shield so far, coming after around 441 eggs. Nicknamed Walter, because I always name my Coalossals that.

Alpha Sapphire:

-Treecko -> Grovyle -> Sceptile
My first hunt for my Dream Team Quest. Not much to say about it.

-Magikarp -> Gyarados
My first Magikarp and my first shiny via Chain Fishing. It came really quick, although it isn't my target.

-Tentacool -> Tentacruel
Second member of my DTQ. Showed up while I was in a FFA Randoms. This hunt really helps me with how to successfully chain fish.

-Zubat -> Golbat -> Crobat
Yay my fourth Zubat haha. Got this from the horde hunt but I wanted Aron.

-Aron -> Lairon
3rd member of my DTQ. There's nothing more satisfying than finding metal ants with bloodshot eyes while watching someone torturing one of their many iPhones by constantly freezing it and putting it in boiling hot water.

4th member of my DTQ. I was worried about weakening it and I couldn't remember if it had Final Gambit or not (it didn't). It's female, which sucks since I wanted a male but oh well. Used Dex Nav to hunt it (running away instead of my usual chaining methods), and it showed up after over 830 Sevipers.

-Trapinch -> Vibrava
5th member of my DTQ. I was gonna watch an ADrive shiny reaction while hunting, But a few seconds after the video started, I hatched a shiny. I used Masuda Method for this hunt, and I'm so glad it wasn't another Honedge. Got it after 278 eggs, and as of typing, I'm currently poor in AS. Thanks Gabriel for the foreign Nincada.
About me: Ultra Sun:

Hunted on my brothers Ultra Sun. He has a Shiny Charm, which is why I had such a quick hunt

Another quick hunt. Nicknamed Bee Pen

3rd Ultra Beast. Wasn't as quick as the others, but it certainly didn't take long

I already had my fingers on L, R, and Start when it showed up. A quick hunt, but GOD was it scary. I almost failed it, since it kept breaking out the balls and almost KOed all my pokemon. It has a Quiet nature (which uh, SUCKS!), and it's IVs are HORRIBLE! Damn, Xurkit. Really pulled a Manectric and Rayquaza all in one...

By far my quickest Ultra Beast hunt. All the trouble of preparing for Mind Blown and it didn't even use it. It also has 4 Perfect IVs, which is a first for me.

I randomly found it while viewing the encounters in the Ula'ula meadow.

Died due to Thrash confusion

This was the scariest battle for a shiny I've ever done. Unlike last time, it had a -Special Attack nature, which meant it got Attack boosts, and I missed Twave, so it wasn't statused. I wanted it in a Premier, but with a single half health Buzzwole left, I had to throw a Beast Ball. It also has 4 Perfect IVs, and due to the fail, it also follows the day-after pattern.

7 minutes ago
"Well that's a shiny"

~Wormhole Shinies~
-Grumpig x5
-Quagsire x2
-Hippowdon x2
-Swanna x9 (Failed 2 due to Brave Bird recoil)
-Stunfisk x1
-Sigilyph x3
-Magcargo x2
-Abomasnow x1
-Floatzel x3
-Yanmega x6
-Barbaracle x1
-Audino x3 (Failed one due to Leaf Blade Misclick)
-Altaria x3
-Lombre x3
-Medicham x1
-Swellow  x1 (failed due to Brave Bird recoil)
-Crustle x1
-Heliolisk x6
-Drapion x3
-Nuzleaf x1

Omega Ruby

-Wingull -> Pelipper
I decided to abuse horde battle rng and I walked away to get Pizza rolls and heard the noise. I inspected each wing and saw a shiny

Hatching eggs for nature and watching Youtube.

-Mudkip -> Marshtomp -> Swampert
Same as above only I was playing Showdown

So I was hunting for Cresselia, it wasn't shiny, so I decided to check the new mirage island to check the Pokemon. I walked around for a bit, then I saw the shiny and panicked. I was excited, but at the time I didn't know if I could encounter Cresselia again if I ran. I didn't know whether to fail the shiny or Cresselia, so I asked the chat. PrimoridiaISea found a question that confirmed that Cresselia could come back, so I caught the shiny.

I was using Dex Nav to hunt for Magic Bounce and found it. This was the same day as Zebstrika

Dex Nav hunt

Dex Nav while hunting for shiny Imposter. I found this instead but I was still happy.

I was hunting for Shiny Deino, this appeared on the Dex Nav, I somehow knew it would shine and I was right.

-I was training Zebstrika and this appeared. I used Overheat, looked up to RNGceus, RNGceus turned it's head as I clicked Volt Switch, a crit happened, and I failed it. This was my first ever fail.

I hunted for this and reclaimed it, making sure Zebstrika didn't attack this time.

-Zigzagoon -> Linoone
Abused horde rng

-Seedot -> Nuzleaf -> Shiftry
Second shiny troll. "All these 3 stars and no shiny---" Dex Nav hunt

-Ralts -> Kirlia -> Gardevoir
Dex Nav hunt

-Wailmer -> Wailord
Dex Nav hunt

Dex Nav hunt

Dex Nav hunt

First shiny troll. I was going to type still no shiny, but the darn thing showed up at the perfect time.

Dex Nav hunt

-Deino -> Zweilous -> Hydreigon
Dex Nav hunt

-Larvesta -> Volcarona
Dex Nav hunt

-Honedge -> Doublade -> Aegislash
My first masuda hunt that resulted in a shiny. This was a long hunt which I hatched over 1000 eggs.

Dex Nav hunt

-Phantump -> Trevenant
Dex Nav hunt

This was my first non-hacked legit shiny legend. It was a quick hunt and It took about a day.

Second legend I soft reseted for. This took a while.

Third shiny legend. This one was rather quick, taking about a day.

I finally came back to this hunt and got it.

-Whismer -> Loudred -> Exploud
Horde Battle rng

-Happiny -> Chansey -> Blissey
Dex Nav

Longest Dex Nav hunt

Soft reset hunt that took about 2 to 3 weeks

This hunt took less than half a day holy $#%+ this was a quick hunt

Took a while


Kinda noticed it ngl

Took a break from hunting it to semi-hunt and train. Reshiram brings good luck. Under 600 encounters so that's a shock. Wanted it in Dusk or Nest but mislicked and got in 1 Dive Ball lol.

-Joltik -> Galvantula
Dex Nav hunt, quick one thankfully

Dex Nav hunt

-Nincada -> Ninjask [Shedinja]
Dex Nav Hunt

Longest. Horde Hunt.
EVER! Why am I not surprised? I'll get those damn magnets next time!!!

-Electrike -> Manectric
Probably my shortest Dex Nav hunt by encounters. Not the desired nature tho...

-Clefairy -> Clefable
Dex Nav hunt. Those damn birbs didn't get in my way too much.

Under 50 encounters after Clefairy later, and this randomly shows up while Sweet scent EV training. Wtf.

-Tympole -> Palpitoad -> Seismitoad
Another Dex Nav hunt. I did this hunt because I had a dream where I failed a shiny Palpitoad. I named it Butter because of the butterfingers I had that made me fail the Palpitoad.

I was EV training and I forgot to save. The next day I redid EV training, using Sweet Scent and horde battles. I then found this beauty. It has a bad nature just like my Manectric, but a shiny is a shiny...

After some on and off hunting, I finally got this stupid thing. It was definitely one of my longest hunts, and I don't know how many encounters I did, since I can't keep track after 1000. Got it in the first Repeat Ball and on the same day as Cryogonal.

Not nearly as long of a hunt as I thought it'd be. I would be more surprised, had a certain Random Pokemon Generator hadn't generated shiny Regigigas 3 times...

-Starly -> Staravia
-Pichu -> Pikachu

Showdown Randoms
Ones I got:
-Eternatus (Gen 8 random)
-Tauros (Gen 7 random)
-Magmotar (gen 8 random)
-Kyurem-W (gen 8 random)

Showdown shinies I remember seeing others get:
(I may have forgotten some but eh)


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