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happy incredibly belated birthday lol
Oct 28 by SeeYaLater!
**** man I haven't been on lately so I missed your birthday

Happy belated birthday
Oct 28 by FlappersFlappers
Happy birthday I've been very inactive recently but this is S-Landolu so sorry I missed your birthday.
Oct 27 by Primal Kyogre
I finally actually posted a video on youtube!
Oct 25 by steamcrusader
Today is my Birthday!
Oct 14 by Lucky Ranno
cool, thanks.
Oct 13 by steamcrusader
It is! would you happen to be my only subscriber?
I'm almost going to post a video! (besides the batsquirtle thing, that was just for MandJtv)
Oct 11 by steamcrusader
Hmm, well personally I can’t use Discord or Play Minecraft. And I also cannot go online in Pokémon games...
Oct 10 by PKM S&M
another name/avatar change? I remember when it was just the profile pic.
Oct 9 by steamcrusader
Sorry I didn’t get back to you...
(Hmmm, you might be the first person to get a Wall post from me...)
Oct 9 by PKM S&M