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I've been busy with school and marching band.  You?
2 hours ago by J™
Heck I meant NU lmao
5 hours ago by 湿ったマフィン
I would indeed be fond of it
6 hours ago by PrimordiaISea
Checked NU viability rankings and compared movesets, nice work covering each viable mon lol. Not a PU specialist so I'll probably research a bit
8 hours ago by Frozen Inferno 火
Which lower tiers specifically? Like which one among UU-LC? Midnight for me I'll post any ideas by tomorrow
8 hours ago by Frozen Inferno 火
Also, I'm interested in RU, could you give me a team?
10 hours ago by 湿ったマフィン
10 hours ago by 湿ったマフィン
Ah. That’s pretty cool, I’m a wallbreaker fan so I like mixed sets that can break past things that should otherwise check them
23 hours ago by PrimordiaISea
It seems pretty cool. What does fire blast hit?
1 day ago by PrimordiaISea
whatever you want to do
1 day ago by Frozen Inferno 火