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Gender: 87.5% Male*, 12.5% Female
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: Eevee and Hisuian Zorua (Most HATED...I mean, DiS-LiKeD Pokémon is GREEDUNT!)
Friend Codes: Was:  "JasonE" (1st),
          "JasonEeveeLution" (2nd),
          "J. Fuseon (Amalgeon)" (3rd),
          "Fusion Elitist Jason" (4th),
          "Jay ze VünderTrainer" (5th)
          "Jay the ꞰꓯωꓯÏ ꓱǝʌeE" (6th)
          "Multivee" (7th)
          "Jay the Sly Nicvee" (8th)
          "Hollow the Sylveekyu" (9th)
          "Shatter the Duskreon" (10th)
          "Nought the Curspeon" (11th)
          "Vim ze Hisuian Zorua" (12th)

Now: Mare the H. Zoroark

Hello, Darkness my old friend!
Random shinies found in Violet:
Pawmo at Area Zero
Cufant at East Province (Area Three)
Swablu at South Province (Area Five)
About me: It's me, your cute foxy ghost boi. :3

Switch: SW-1917-6550-9891

Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
a minute ago
"This one time in Ban Camp..."

Mare the H. Zoroark
seconds ago
"He was born a Bramblin man..."
Played: X, Sun, Ultra Sun, LGE [ERROR: LOST FILE], Shield [ERROR: LOST FILE], BD, PLA, and Violet
Fav "Universal" Moves By Category (Phys. / Spec.):

NOR =     Extreme Speed / Tri-Attack OR Tera Blast
FIR =     Pyro Ball OR Bitter Blades / Flamethrower
WAT =     Liquidation / Water Shuriken
ELE =     Zing Zap / Thunderbolt OR Electro Drift
GRA =     Power Whip OR Flower Trick / Energy Ball
ICE =     Avalanche / Ice Beam
FIG =     Body Press / Aura Sphere
POI =     Poison Jab / Sludge Bomb
GRO =     High Horsepower / Earth Power
FLY =     Fly / Air Slash
PSY =     Zen Headbutt / Psychic
BUG =     Leech Life / Bug Buzz
ROC =     Rock Slide / Power Gem
GHO =     Phantom Force / Shadow Ball
DRA =     Dragon Claw / Dragon Pulse
DAR =     Darkest Lariat / Dark Pulse
STE =     Iron Head OR Gigaton Hammer / Flash Cannon
FAI =     Play Rough / Dazzling Gleam
Fav mons I used on my teams (X - PLA):

NOR =    Eevee (G1)
FIR =    Cinderace (G8)
WAT =    Samurott-H (G8)
ELE =    Luxray (G4)
GRA =    Roserade (G4)
ICE =    Cetitan (G9)
FIG =    Sneasler (G8)
POI =    Drapion (G4)
GRO =    Clodsire (G9)
FLY =    Staraptor (G4)
PSY =    Delphox (G6)
BUG =    Vikavolt (G7)
ROC =    Coalossal (G8)
GHO =    Aegislash (G6)
DRA =    Goodra (G6)
DAR =    Incineroar (G7)
STE =    Tinkaton (G9)
FAI =    Grimmsnarl (G8)

G1 = 1, G4 = 4, G6 = 3, G7 = 2, G8 = 5, G9 = 3

Honorable Mentions:

Lycanroc-Dusk (G7)
Infernape (G4)
Gastrodon (G4)
Corviknight (G8)
Frosmoth (G8)
Lilligant-H (G8)
Goodra-H (G8)
Arcanine-H (G8)
Ursaluna (G8)
Meowscarada (G9)
Grafaiai (G9)
Ceruledge (G9)
Played thru X - BD as myself (my rival in LGE was Evil Me / Reverse Me (Nosaj)...).
Played thru PLA - V as Past Me (Jasone).

Activity by Mare the H. Zoroark

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Answers: 335 (140 chosen as best)
Comments: 1,037
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Kind of. That would be cool but triple types would break the game, and wouldn't be a one time gimmick
4 days ago by PKBroccoliHead
I know :3
It's definitely something I've considered doing, problem is, I couldn't keep a straight face when reading my lines...
6 days ago by Light Hope ♡
Jasone Andersone is undoubtedly the OC of all time
Feb 2 by BM™
Alright we’ll do that. I’ll type it soin. I just pfinished an idea (see my wall) so i’ll wait a bit.
Jan 31 by Rosalie Hood
Glad you agree.
Jan 16 by Light Hope ♡
oh my god i found another mandjtv fan in this site
Jan 13 by MrKensa
Now I’m just curious what you know of me on the Internet let me know if you think this is accurate about me or
Jan 11 by Rosalie Hood
I promise as far as I know after this, I’ll stop flooding your wall. I’m only posting this on Hughes because I know I’ll be asking you eventually and I’ll be too lazy to go and look and try to remember.

Squirtle/Avery’s info

Lvl met 12
Nature Adament
Characteristic, sturdy body

Aqua Jet
Water Gun

If wd use him and want them to match all this information even if in the game I’ve evolved him or something.
Jan 3 by Rosalie Hood
Thanksp app people for seein AI!

Okay heres Ophelia’s info
Lv 31
Nature: naive
CharacteristicRakes plenty of sieastas
Ability: insomnia
I like how are characteristic and ability contradict each other
Dec 29, 2022 by Rosalie Hood