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Favorite Pokémon: Garchomp, Milotic, Gardevoir, Greninja and Giratina. Top five anyway
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Omega Ruby IGN: Reggie
Alpha Sapphire: Natasha
Ultra Moon IGN: Lucifer
Ultra Sun IGN: Natasha
About me: Just a guy who enjoys battles and nuzlockes. Outside of pokemon, I enjoy playing dota 2 and csgo although I never commit to grinding my rank. Usually just spend my time trolling in those games

I have an account on fanfiction named Kapiushion. I have two stories atm, one about Bleach and the other on Warcaft. Still undecided if I will write more because these take a long time to write

Discord username: Unkindness
Smogon username: Red Raven
Showdown usernames: Infernal Horseman and First Commandment

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yeah fr if you earthquaked i would have just lost to lele clicking moonblast, crazy how this game is sometimes
Nov 15 by PsyKlone
lmao thats funny, you couldn’t talk on showdown and I couldn’t talk on pokebase. GG tho for real, you got me with Future Sight and Garchomp and I had to bet it all on that Ice Beam.
Nov 14 by PsyKlone
Ok, try to be on tomorrow at around 22:25, I can only play until 23:03 if it all
Nov 13 by PsyKlone
ok just a heads up i havent slept yet so i probably wont be able to wake up on time to battle 22:00. any other times that would work?
Nov 13 by PsyKlone
Aight grind finals time. I can try to wake up at 9AM (22:00 your time) tomorrow but if I oversleep I can go as late as 10PM (11:00) any day. Also I *might* have time from 22:20-23:00 on Monday-Friday cuz it’s a chill class. But if that doesn’t work out I can stay up later on Friday night or set an alarm for Saturday morning.
Nov 12 by PsyKlone
I'm sorry I missed you last night. I'll be idling on Showdown! from now until 3PM your time. Feel free to send a challenge @ user Trippy Soup
Nov 9 by Staka~
I'll try to be on around 12 am to 2 am your time tomorrow. If that doesn't work, I get home from work around 2-3pm in your time zone, so if you could check your wall around then I'll send you a message saying I am on Showdown! :P
Nov 8 by Staka~
If you're able to be on now or within the next 30 minutes or so, I'll be on. Otherwise, I am unavailable tomorrow, and Monday around 12 PM to 2 PM EST, as daylight savings changes times tomorrow. :P
Nov 5 by Staka~
Noted. See you then.
Nov 1 by An Asocial Moth
Since you can play on wednesdays, if I'm not misunderstanding this, we can schedule for tomorrow in the morning. How does 9AM sound? If not I'm fine for another time or waiting until Friday.
Nov 1 by An Asocial Moth