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Favorite Pokémon: If its not obvious enough...(look at username)
Friend Codes: Pokemon team currently (The games I still play frequently):

Pokemon Soul Silver:
Typhlosion Lv100 (my first and only lvl 100)
Ho-oh Lv76
Vespiquin Lv34
Salamence Lv52
Garchomp Lv52
Metagross Lv61

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Pokemon Y:
Mewtwo (Mega) Lv96
Charizard (Mega) Lv 91
Kangaskhan (Mega) Lv76
Garchomp (Mega) Lv60
Shelgon Lv40
Metagross Lv48

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Pokemon Moon:
Nebby Lv69
Dhelmise Lv37
Golisipod Lv36 (have better one, but this has a better nature so...)
Buzzwole Lv76
Incinaroar Lv54

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About me: Hey, wanna know a way to level up your post-game Pokemon super fast in Pokemon X/Y!

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                                         11 Step Process

1) Get O-Powers

2) Get Lucky Egg From Courmarine City By Bringing A Happy Pokemon To Some Random Girl In A Hotel There (go on monorail)

3) Get Exp. Boost O-Power From Anistar City Pokemon Center

4) Put Lucky Egg On Pokemon You Want To Level Up

5) Go To "Restaurant Le Wow" In Lumiose City

6) Save Then Turn On Exp. Boost O-Power, And Within 3 Minutes Of Turning It On You Must Enter The Battle Otherwise It Will Wear Off. Also Read The Steps Later Before Entering Battle

7) Bring 3 Really Good Pokemon (Preferably Lv65+) And The Pokemon You Want To Level Up

8) Make Sure That The Pokemon You Want To Train Is In 1 Of The 1st 3 Slots In Your Party And A Good Pokemon In The 4th Slot

9) Once In Battle Immediately Switch The Pokemon You Want Trained With Your 4th Party Slot Pokemon And Win The Battle

10) Repeat This Multiple Times To Train Your Pokemon Really Fast

11) Sell All Mushrooms You Earn At The End Because These Are Useless Items That Cant Do Anything, But They Sell For A Lot Of Money, (A Little Over 6,000 PokeDollers A Piece) Kinda Like Nuggets

                                      Hope This Helped!

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My Backstory:

I know it's long but bear with me here.
2009, the year of the release of "Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver" was the year that put me into the Pokemon world for 4 years. Then I got bored of it because I beat all 16 gyms in 2 months.ages 5 to 9 I played that game and it was the only Pokemon game I even owned until I delayed in getting "Pokemon Black" in 2011 and "Pokemon Black 2" in 2012 near its release date. I still haven't finished either of the games since. The reason of which being Generation 5 brought (in my opinion) the worst Pokemon ever, EVER. Then in 2013 "Pokemon X/Y" came out and I bursted with excitment of knowing that mega evolutions came out. Anyways then I left myself in a pitfall and totally forgot the game existed. I even forgot to beat Pokemon Y when i litterally had 1 more gym to go. Then in June 2016 Pokemon Go came out and almost immediately became the top grossing app of the year, that brought back into Pokemon, this time better and more strongly then ever. Even in 4 months I have learnt so much about Pokemon (like having a high special attack stat meant that moves with the tag "special" on them did more damage, and the same goes for attack stat correlating to "physical"). Then it also showed me that things like bst (Base Stat Total) were thrown into the mix turning me to the 600-club. If you guys don't know what the 600 club is, it is the multiple Pokemon that have 600 as their bst and they aren't legendaries (like salamence, metagross, dragonite, and garchomp). Since I gained all that information I have developed tons of competetive Pokemon idea's even if it's only been 4 months since I got back into the game. Don't be suprised if you see me on look'in at stats and learn-sets and all that. And i'm always open to answer any questions that you guys have. Thanks for reading! ;)

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