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Hello! ^-^
Nov 11 by SylveonFairy2019
You're right actually. Let's wait for their release.
Oct 21 by Deathrider
It sucks that some of the old Pokemon can't be in the game. Especially since the reason they gave to remove them is not because they're too many, but because they said they did it to improve the quality of the animation, while the models they have shown so far seem to be reused models from the 3ds games. Also, the gigantamax Pokemon they've shown so far, along with the regional variants, are ALL Kanto pokemon, except for the Zigzagoon line. Pikachu and Charizard didn't need more attention, I guess big brains only care about the money, so they keep targeting the popular Pokemon. And they look wierd too. Since they didn't sell enough of LG games, you can only get Gigantamax Pikachu and Eevee if you bought those games.
They just want the money, doesn't seem so far as if they're working hard for these games.
Oct 18 by Deathrider
Thanks! :)
Oct 14 by stall_fest
Thanks for the report! Banned.
Oct 13 by Fizz
What do you think about Sword and Shield? Is it worth it, or did GF mess up?
Oct 13 by Deathrider
If you get it, can you send it to me on discord
Oct 12 by stall_fest
Oct 12 by stall_fest
Will you send me it on discord?
Oct 11 by Deathrider
Thanks! I don't know how to thank you :D
Btw this is probably the last code you're getting me, since I'm not buying SS, probably no future games either.
Oct 7 by Deathrider