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Sword and Shield: dis game a mess lmao. so, to start off, Hop is cool, but it's obvious some animations were reused from Hau, yet the excuse made by game freak themselves is that they cut Pokemon to make better animations, or something along the lines of that. Friendly rivals are fine, but it just feels like Hop is way less unique than any of the other rivals in the ENTIRE series. Further bashing on Hop, you battle him way too many times. Once per gym might be fine, but you battle him like, 12 times. Isn't it also crazy how he comments on how you chose a super effective move in late game battles, yet the game TELLS YOU what moves are super effective. How is that helpful to the target demographic except for a slight morale boost? Honestly though, the beginning part of the game feels the most polished, there isn't much wrong with it. Fast forward to the Wild Area. The Wild Area is so small compared to how big the game makes it out to be, and there isn't much to interact with at all. Some of the Pokemon are also uncatchable until you get a certain amount of gym badges, which makes absolutely no sense. Why not give the players freedom to try and catch it, as you have almost no penalty for blacking out in Pokemon games? Didn't they already implement a loafing system so that overleveled Pokemon couldn't sweep trainers?

mario and luigi superstar saga remake: what a good game.

XY: remember when I said sw/sh was bad? yeah this game is at least 10x worse. that means it automatically gets an even worse score than sw/sh
Looking at this game more critically, it probably suffers most from lack of memorable moments, or lack of originality, or lack of...literally anything lol (except good music, that's always something Pokemon games aren't lacking in). Most of the newly introduced Pokemon are pretty generic. Gym Leaders are just there and that's it. No important interactions with them. They don't even utilize the main gimmick of the game and all of the gym leaders are incredibly easy, and when the game does throw a mega evolution at you, it's not utilized to it's full potential. Diantha has a Mega Gardevoir, and Mega Gardevoir has the Pixilate ability, so why doesn't it have Hyper Voice or any normal type move to catch players off guard? This game was watered down to a completely different Pokemon experience than every Pokemon main series game that came before this. It's an... ok game for beginners, but it doesn't compare to other amazing Pokemon games that are equally as beginner friendly, and does everything better than XY can hope to achieve. The way that people were bashing Gen 5 though, they had this coming to them.
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I also agree with your Sword and Shield review. :3
1 day ago by Glazio Kawaii
i agree with all your reviews. better than IGN
2 days ago by snom
Thank you for your XY review. I agree with it on so many levels. :3
2 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
Pokemondb?? So you have 50% chance for both!! ;)
3 days ago by ASS8666
In what game you're in? (LOL) this decides whether you'll evolve into a Solgaleo or Lunala!! XDXDXDXD!
4 days ago by ASS8666
when will you evolve into cosmeeeom
5 days ago by snom
6 days ago by snom
And you’re username isn’t in ORAS!!
6 days ago by Rayquaza2753
stick bug isn't a pokemon
6 days ago by snom