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Gender: 87.5% Male*, 12.5% Female
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Favorite Pokémon: Eevee and Hisuian Zorua (Most HATED...I mean, DiS-LiKeD Pokémon is GREEDUNT!)
Friend Codes: Was:  "JasonE" (1st),
          "JasonEeveeLution" (2nd),
          "J. Fuseon (Amalgeon)" (3rd),
          "Fusion Elitist Jason" (4th),
          "Jay ze VünderTrainer" (5th)
          "Jay the ꞰꓯωꓯÏ ꓱǝʌeE" (6th)
          "Multivee" (7th)
          "Jay the Sly Nicvee" (8th)
          "Hollow the Sylveekyu" (9th)
          "Shatter the Duskreon" (10th)

Now:  Nought the Curspeon

J.C. Blackthorne => JC
Fenton Force => Fen
Astrid Sol => Sol
About me: 33% Espeon, 34% Eevee, and 33% Cursola.

Just a lonely Ghost-type haunting the site, shattered by all the hardships previously endured and attempts to keep the charade up are for nought.

Switch: SW-1917-6550-9891

Played: X, Sun, Ultra Sun, LGE [ERROR: LOST FILE], Shield [ERROR: LOST FILE], and BD(Brilliant Diamond)[To Be Played]

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You’ll be proud of me, were having thanksgiving late and i was allowed to drink i’m on beer 2  and I’ve never had to you in the same day so yay me lol luckily yhere only like ,06  i’ll go home per volume actually it might be lrss yhan yhat i highly recomened what i’m drinking its segrums rscales i’ve had wildbedry and now i’m drinking  Calypso colada
3 hours ago by Astrid Sol
Ahh sell i probably won’t be doing a Shiny Society  anyway XD.
You said thse were “ faithful remix “ now ut sounds like theres more mon yhan before.

Yiu must’ve done that new oal-park thingy i read about where you get gen 4 legends, well meet them, sure if that means you can catch them or not though

So I need still part of generation eight early generation nine?
6 days ago by Astrid Sol
I see you updated yhe pist. I just pisted chapter five of Sonny, i don’t even know if you’re still intersted in ut my only problem us that Sonny and Drew haven’t met Hala yet, let alone started theur jiuenet. It was supposed to be a 10 chapter story but it might need more than 10. I’ll still do tours after don’t worry!
6 days ago by Astrid Sol
Soo how long yil you get a shiny chatm and join the shiny hunters Society? XD i might even put a pist kf s
“Shiny hunters” on my about me all yiu gotta do is post on uour abiut me shen you get a shiny
. XD
6 days ago by Astrid Sol
lets be friends!
Nov 23 by Creative481
Congrats! (Notices how you ignored the rest) cool team! Wait usn’t intimdate HA for one of yhose?
Nov 22 by Astrid Sol

Eevee + H. Zorua

Height: 1'00" (12")+2'04" (28")=3'04" (40")/2 = 20" OR 1'08" [0.508 OR 0.5 m.]
Weight: 14.3+27.6=41.9 /2=20.95 OR 21.0 lbs. [9.52543977 OR 9.5 kg.]
   BMI: 9.5/(0.5^2) = 9.5/0.25 = 38.0


AVG (Eeveelution) + H. Zoroark

Height: 3'03"+2'07"+2'11"+2'11"+3'03"+3'03"+2'07"+3'03"+5'03"=351" /9 = 39" OR 3'03" [0.9906 OR 1.0 m.]
Weight: 063.9+054.0+055.1+058.4+059.5+056.2+057.1+051.8+160.9=616.9 /9 = 68.5 lbs. [31.071077345 OR 31.1 kg.]
   BMI: 31.1/(1.0^2) = 31.1/1.0 = 31.1

55|65=120 (065)    [065]
55|75=130 (095/110)    [110]
50|70=120 (065)    [065]
45|65=110 (060)    [060]
65|85=150 (130)    [130]
55|75=130 (110/095)    [095]

(065)+130+065+065+065+095+065+065+065+060=0770/10=077.0 (077)
(110)+065+065+130+065+065+110+060+065+105=0840/10=084.0 (084)
(065)+060+060+060+060+110+130+110+065+060=0780/10=078.0 (078)
(060)+110+110+095+130+060+060+130+110+120=0985/10=098.5 (099)
(130)+095+095+110+095+130+065+095+130+060=1005/10=100.5 (101)
(095)+065+130+065+110+065+095+065+060+105=0855/10=085.5 (086)
(525)+525+525+525+525+525+525+525+525+510=5235/10=523.5(524) +5 [+1]=525
Nov 7 by Nought the Curspeon
yes i love nicknames!!!!!!
Nov 7 by Creative481
Let’s share him :3
Nov 7 by Stephwheel8



Nov 7 by Nought the Curspeon