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I realize you aren’t reading Erin’s Story but i’ve put chapter 11 up and might do chapter 12 after lunch. I hope you do read it sometime it wasn’t intented to be this long but i like how uts coming oht. If me relling yiu when i post the chapters is anniying i can stop i just hope SOMEONE is reading ut...
1 day ago by Astrid Sol
I have now posted chapter 10,  unfortunately due to its length i’ll hve to put the  part about Rina becoming a trainer in chapter 11 .

Also i realize u get busy but i also realize u haven’t commented at all on this, have you been reading ut at all? Just wondering...
3 days ago by Astrid Sol
Here it is the moment you may or may not have been waiting for! Chapter 9 is uppp! See if you can  discover what the surprises, also I wrote it long before you told me that you are a strong silent type   No you might seem out of character but don’t worry I plan on not ruining it  completely lol
3 days ago by Astrid Sol
H. Samurott = Ronin OR Samurai/Shinobi
H. Zorua/Zoroark = Kitsune
H. Braviary = Oracle
H. Lilligant = Fem Petale
H. Sliggoo/Goodra = Whitewash
H. Growlithe/Arcanine = Komainu
H. Bergmite/Avalugg = Boulderdash
H. Voltorb/Electrode = Apricorn
H. Sneasel + evo = Razorfist
Wyrdeer = Nikolaus
Kleavor = Barbarian
Basculegion = Demonseed
Ursaring evo = Mountaineer aka Mtnr
H. Qwilfish evo = Landmine
FAI/FLY = Genie
3 days ago by Nought the Curspeon
Eevee Train (All aboard!):

4 days ago by Nought the Curspeon
What is real?

There's sugar, salt, and Nachos. :3
Dec 27, 2021 by Nought the Curspeon