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Gender: Male
Country: United States
Favorite Pokémon: Metagross
Friend Codes: Bulbapedia: MoonlitMadness
Fortnite: YummyTummies
Minecraft Hypixel: Xx_BungeeGum_xX
Pokemon Showdown: MoonlitMadness
Nintendo 2ds: 1478 - 9088 - 2483
Discord Tag: #7324
Discord Username: MoonlitMadness
Discord Avatar: Hisoka
About me: I am an 12year old Pokemon fan who likes to help people with Pokemon!  I know every pokemon and their typing form gen 1-6 and most of gen 7. I love the games and think the card game is ok. I am currently playing C(VC), for the 3rd time, and making a competitive team for UM The games I have completed are B2 and UM, and, very recently, OR.

My favorite pokemon quote is by Meowth; "We do have a lot in common. The same Earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what's the same instead of always looking at what's different, ... well who knows?"

Favorite Pokemon by type:
Water: Croconaw/Octillery/Jellicent
Electric: Togedemaru
Fire: Monferno
Grass: Sceptile
Dark: Umbreon
Steel: Metagross
Dragon: Flygon
Ground: Marowak
Bug: Heracross
Normal: Smeargle/Youngster Joey's Ratata/ Shiny Eevee
Flying: Crobat
Psychic: Mew
Fighting: Lucario
Fairy: Clefable
Poison: Nidoking
Rock: Terrakion
Ghost: Gastly
Ice: N/A

Mega: Youngster Joey's Ratata
Pokemon I think is in top Percent: Youngster Joey's Ratata

Favorite PkMn Games by rank:
1. UM
2. C
3. B2
4. OR
5. Y

Favorite Books: Prey, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Animal Farm.

Favorite Movies: A Quiet Place, Oceans 11, JWFK, JP, JPTLW,JP3,Jw(Basically the whole Jurassic Park series for all the movies that started with J)

Favorite Anime: Hunter x Hunter (Naruto sucks. Yu YU Hakusho is pretty good too.)

I hate superheroes and star wars.

First ever Pokemon Game: B2

Games I want: DP, Platinum, E, X, and JWE(So I can do dinosaur Battle Royales)

A good Pokemon Youtuber I think you guys should watch: Jethrotex(He has not uploaded for a long time tho since he had brain surgery)

Things I hate: Snapchat, and all social media apart from YT, Discord, and Gmail. AND I HATE BUGS!!!!!!!!!

1000 POINT MILESTONE-7/23/18(In only 4 weeks!)
1500 POINT MILESTONE-8/19/18
1750 POINT MILESTONE-8/27/18
2000 POINT MILESTONE-9/14/18
2250 POINT MILESTONE-10/25/18

 -------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

First Shiny: Lake of Rage gyrados
Second Shiny: Elekid -- Restarted the game so I lost her : (   
Third Shiny: Stunfisk(Really good shiny BTW)
Fourth Shiny: Abomasnow
Fifth Shiny: Wingull(Was EV training and it came and I found it)
6th Shiny: Floatzel
7th Shiny: Poipole(Gift)
8th Shiny: Eevee(More than 132 sos encounters, worth it but don't know what to evolve it into yet)
9th Shiny: Beldum(30 SOS encounters. This game makes it way too easy LOL -- now a shiny Sandygast)
10th Shiny: Sandygast(Over 120 SOS encounters -- now a shiny palossand)

Current Hunts:
138 encunter(Paused)

I won't hate you if you if downvote me, but I will hate you if you downvote me and don't tell me why you downvoted me.

-The Lonely Pikachu(As point thirsty as me)
-Azealfo(One of my best friends on DB. Extremely nice)
-EvilTwinneedleTM(Fortnite buddies! :( He got permabanned on this site)
-SeeYaLater(Only other person I know who nicknames their Pokemon)
-OCTALAMARI(Listened to my anime suggestion ;))
-Horus(Why not? He is nice and kind)
-Alolan Vulpix(SAMPLE TEXT)
Just talk to me enough to join this list.

Favorite non-pokemon quote:
"Woah! This question is madness!" - SeeYaLater(2018)

Funny Pokemon Quote by Blue in RBY:
"Hey, Red! What brings you here? Is your Pokémon dead? Hey! It's alive! I can at least make them faint! Let's go!"

"I just beat did my first speed run on Pokemon Crystal! I beat lance in 4 hours and 17 minutes and I beat in Red in 5 hours and 38 minutes!" -  me on Aug 28, 2018

"Finished my Pokemon Yellow Speed Run! It took me 3 hours and 38 minutes!" - me on August 30, 2018

Username Changes: MoonlitMadness -> Octazooka

Watch this: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IAlrAmYHjI(Dragonite and Charizard dancing too Gangam style)

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Okay. Did you mean the code for Flipnote or a different code (maybe a friend code)?

Also, I forgot to list these facts about Florida: There can be hurricanes (devastating hurricanes depending on where you live) and storms. There are usually never any tornados. And finally, there lots of... Trump supporters :/.
1 day ago by Azelfeo
'cleropatra' somehow does make me think of the word 'psychopath' for some reason lol.
What does the name mean? Or is it just the most random thing ever.
1 day ago by SeeYaLater!
Oh, and it's practically always summer in Florida.
2 days ago by Azelfeo
I don't watch PokéTubers... Anymore.

Some facts about Florida: The sky is almost always light blue. There aren't many clouds, but it does rain often. It's very hot here in Florida (it can sometimes be a bit cold too). It never snows in Florida (I have never touched snow in my life :/). Walt Disney World is in Florida and other great places to have a vacation at. There are many nice beaches. Florida doesn't have too much city life. In Florida you can get this, https://www.zephyrhillswater.com/sites/g/files/xknfdk231/files/Zephyrhills-logo_0.png And this, http://sunprairieumc.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/floridas-natural-orange-juice.jpg - Taxes are apparently low in Florida.

You can explore Florida here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Florida/@27.5806242,-84.8308896,6z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x88c1766591562abf:0xf72e13d35bc74ed0!8m2!3d27.6648274!4d-81.5157535 - Just be sure to click the yellow man in the bottom right corner.

I don't think I'll be able to get you your mons today :(. I'll work something out next weekend! If I schedule my videos to get released automatically next weekend, I'll have some extra time to help you (I might forget so be sure to remind every few days if you want)!
2 days ago by Azelfeo
8th Shiny: Eevee(More than 132 sos encounters, worth it but don't know what to evolve it into yet)

But seriously though 132 isn't anything much at all.
yu chand spehl anhd thondh no anwytihn bwohtu crhmar ahnd lholzh

I think you should evolve it in Umbreon, since that was your grav for a while.
Or you haven't edited your About Me and stuff.
3 days ago by SeeYaLater!
3 days ago by Azelfeo
You're welcome! Just a little birthday gift from me.
3 days ago by Alolan Vulpix
Hello? Is anybody home?
3 days ago by Alolan Vulpix
Also, no one steal this or else... https://youtu.be/CuByLoeberM?t=35
3 days ago by Alolan Vulpix
Isn't Alolan Vulpix nice? Flipnote Studio 3D is actually a 2D animating software that apparently looks 3D when you enable 3D mode on a 3ds.
3 days ago by Azelfeo