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Gender: Boy.
Country: Eagleland,Onett
Favorite Pokémon: Pichu and Snom,the gods of AG
Friend Codes: I can't and I'm too lazy to put any code in.I might,but probably not.
And I'm too lazy to do a friend list LOL.
My dad is gonna get showdown installed hopefully soon,so yeah.
About me: I like pokemon,kirby,minecraft,and the mother series.I'm obviously a video game kid.But,I go outside a lot cuz my parents want me to get sun.I also play basketball the main reason is because my friend played,and I was like,if he plays,I might as well play :D.IDK what else to tell.Pokemon blue nuzlocke time!Alright,imma update this page as I go through the game nuzlocking.I start and tell Oak my name,he forgets his grandsons name,so I tell him his name.Then I grab the potion from the pc,go into the grass,and lo behold,Oak sees me and stops me like I'm some criminal.Then he kidnaps me to his lab,I choose charmander and scratch the hell out of my rivals squirtle.I get the package and deliver it to Oak.He gives me a pokedex and I snatch a town map from my rivals sister.After training,I fight my rival with only charmander.I win again,but barely and there was some luck involved.I go back to Oaks lab and he gives me free poke balls.I catch a caterpie,pikachu,nidoran f,and a pidgey.I made it through the viridian forest and fight brock.He was a bit harder because my charmander was cursed with a bad special,but I beat him.I now beat route 3, and I'm got the free magikarp.I also got a spearow from route 3.I got a zubat, and I'm training magikarp.
Levels of the team:
Charmander:Lv 15
Pikachu:Lv 15
Pidgey:Lv 15
Zubat:Lv 8
Magikarp:Lv 9
Spearow:Lv 5

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