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Article 13 and being poor swooped in to end my youtube dreams, dw I'll come back in maybe idk 5 years

Thanks bby :P

seconds ago I'm gonna get so many livers

seconds ago But my ass was a meme once, so that might count for something ?

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a minute ago PX: Dank memes meets British accent

Doctor Disco
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Bow down to the twerking android cat generals

The scruff says I'm rugged, but the pink says I live in a disco ball.

Teach a man to fish and he'll fish for a day.
Teach a man to finish and he'll never fish again.
2 hours ago by Doctor Disco

'I can see shia lebeouf over there.'
'Really? Looks like someone isn't following their dreams again.'

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No sir.
Dec 1 by Hellfire Taco
You can use Dialga, but if you do, make it not totally Broken. If you use Gengar (or Mega Gengar), I will allow more brokenness to be applied :P
Dec 1 by Stakatacool
If you were a Pokémon, what would you be? Only asking because I am doing a thing similar to Smogon's Super Staff Bros, but without custom moves/abilities, for fun, and wanted to include you. Or, if you have a set that you'd like to make (and isn't completely broken) you could. :P
Nov 30 by Stakatacool
Actually, his name is Todd. I'd like to inform you that "Spooky Scary Skeleton" is a very offensive and derogatory term to skelemen. Please don't say it again, or I'll set the skeleman mafia after you.
Nov 30 by Hellfire Taco
In that case, I suggest KRLW890. He/she/it was the only one who volunteered, and I think it's trustworthy enough.
Nov 29 by X-Scizor
You know my OU Special Attacker question? Do you a) Have any ideas and b) know where I can post it? Because RMT is for whole teams. TBH I think I'll just put it in PokeBase and explain why.
Nov 29 by EdDaBoss
I sent you request my good sir
Nov 20 by Neon Snivy
Awe you're so nice. Long time no see dude
Nov 20 by Neon Snivy
What does kek mean? Also hi.
Nov 19 by Neon Snivy
I'm not a fanatical too, but some times i like watching animes, mosly like a hobbie, i'll have a look on theese ones.

Talking about another thing, i saw some peole talking lately that showdown might be taken down? Why is this?
Nov 11 by Hórus