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oh ok
18 hours ago by SpillThePolteageist
Absolutely not. I’m insulted you would even think I would give mod powers to someone as irresponsible as you.
1 day ago by KRLW890
Why did you hide my comment? I was just telling a commenter that typing and offensive stats dont stop you from being a psuedo legendary
1 day ago by SpillThePolteageist
Da fuq, but Oki doki
1 day ago by Drifty-Boy
You might've overestimated me
2 days ago by SeeYaLater!
got em
3 days ago by NebbyY
this user is impersonating you :)
3 days ago by NebbyY
ill ban evade you fool
4 days ago by SeeYaLater!
I'm a memed cosmog who decided to scour the outernet. I wanna to grow down into a little Charmander none day!
4 days ago by ItsYaBoiFlareon
nice friend code
5 days ago by NebbyY