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Member for: 5 months (since Oct 1, 2022)
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Gender: x-1/0 (actually male tho, also if x=1 it would technically mean my gender is 0 not undefined.) He/him, but I generally do not care.
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: Delphox, myself
Friend Codes: DS: 5000-3261-9903
Switch: SW-7659-2664-7389

on a journey to “complete” all games I own then start from Sw/Sh

complete means living dex, gold Trainer cards, all important items (plates, orbs, stones, crystals, etc.), and more I can’t remember.

currently trying to Nuzlocke Alpha Sapphire with only dark types! Just beat the OR Battle Maison, 50 streak!

PS if you really want to waste time on pokemon, get the Garchompite and Lucarionite in ORAS.

PSS im a novice-amateur at competitive battling, take my advice with a grain of salt.

Favorite Pokémon by Type:
Bug: Ninjask
Dark: Sharpedo
Dragon: Latias
Electric: Xurkitree
Fairy: Gardevoir
Fighting: Cobalion
Fire: Delphox
Flying: Talonflame
Ghost: Lunala
Grass: Grovyle
Ground: Swampert
Ice: Beartic
Normal: Toucannon
Poison: Drapion
Psychic: Deoxys-S
Rock: Regirock
Steel: Skarmory
Water: Primarina

r=sin(5theta) + 9cos^2 (6theta) - 7sin(3theta)
(put this into desmos graphing calculator and tell me what pokemon it is)

i feel i should clarify in imperial measurements i am classified as a 4’10” individual.

I am a member of:
Idiot Club
Lord Mareep Club
About me: 15 year old, fan since 6 years old (x and y), been using the site since without account (lurker time!), finally got an account. get ready world.

call me em or m, cause red was my favorite color when I was five and my mom helped make my online name that I have used since. red is still a favorite (2nd), but call me M or Em. I don’t make a big deal out of it though.

Games I have:
Platinum (two copies idk why)
Black 2
X & Y, shoutout to that one lvl 70 beartic my friend gave me that would never obey :)

fav artist: JID (dreamville :)

fav color: black (the absence of light, also my skin color/race/social construct)

fav game: Alpha Sapphire (if you say you should like black i will come to your house and slurp every single soap dispenser you own)

-don’t expect me to be very active Mon-Fri ET, I got school :)

-fastest 5k time: 25:37

-feel free to talk to me about anything school-related (it better be venting or about a good grade), or hip hop (i am the all-knowing of 2020s hiphop outside of tiktok, PS i hate it)

- I will upvote/downvote only as much as I have been upvoted/downvoted. equality

10/1/22: Account created, first posts and answers, first upvote, first wall post
10/2/22: Woke up to first BA, wooooo
10/4/22: 100 Points
11/18/22: 250 Points
1/4/23: Top 500 of users
2/8/23: 500 Points

fun fact: my deceased dog Cookie (not my profile pic, those are my semi-new ones Lucky & Penny) chewed up my Alpha Sapphire cartridge, so half the time my DS can’t read it!

memorable big brain quotes
“ *runs toward you throwing the ground at you while slimy sounds emanate from my silhouette*”
“your words of disappointment mean nothing to a hard shell of boredom hardened by centuries of parents being disappointed in me”

Shiny Time!

Gen 9 Random, Veluza, 2/22/23 (won)

Omega Ruby:
Ninjask & Shedninja: Full odds, started as Nincada.
Rayquaza: Event many years ago.
Deino: Full odds, DexNav.

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I'd say flag them either way. If there's a reason we're keeping the post, it's not difficult for us to just clear the flag.
I'll hide the one you linked, thanks for asking.
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P a n c a k e
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*Gives even MORE pancakes* If you want more just let me know
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*Gives pancakes* Here ya go
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You realize that's pretty much a girl going through puberty, right?
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BlueVicky08 projecting his anime character simpiness onto me.

Quite the insecurity.
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This wall is swearing simulator change my mind
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No. When I selected the Dive Ball, Professor Oak told me it wasn't the time to use that.
I'll take my internet points now. (*Holds out hand*)
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