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Gender: Something called "mail"
Country: Eagleland, Onett
Favorite Pokémon: Pichu and Snom, the gods of AG
Friend Codes: I can't right now, but I might.
Also I'm too lazy to do a friend list LOL.
I'm always open to battle when I'm online! My name is PKThunder10.
I'm gonna put my Pokemon Emerald nuzlocke on here. Stay tuned for more!
I get out of the truck, get the free potion, and get my clock running. I then introduce myself to my neighbors and go to Route 101 and Professor Birch is being attacked by a Zigzagoon, so I kill it with a Treecko I got out of his bag. I destroy May, and catch a Lotad, Wingull, and Wurmple. I beat Route 103, watch Wally catch a Ralts, and catch a Silcoon and Marill.
Deaths: None
About me: I like pokemon, kirby, minecraft, and the mother series. I'm obviously a video game kid. But, I go outside a lot cuz my parents want me to get sun. I also play basketball the main reason is because my friend played, and I was like, if he plays, I might as well play :D. IDK what else to tell. Pokemon Emerald and Lets Go Eevee nuzlocke time! Alright, imma update this page with my Lets Go Eevee nuzlocke on my friend code page. Also join the snom club if you wanna I'll have the members on here wallpost me if you wanna join.
Current people in the snom club:
Chesta Adabi 481(co owner)
mega mismagius

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Nov 3 by mega mismagius
can i join the snom club?

i love snom
Nov 2 by mega mismagius
are u the guy who was previously named PKthunder??
Oct 30 by ~FlameTheVulpix~
Nice username
Oct 29 by The Hyphenation
It's funny that a broccoli is deliberately disrespecting the greatest dragon of all. Funny, I gotta do some research
Oct 25 by Draco Magnis
brock o' lee
Oct 23 by Fenton Force
Oct 21 by mega mismagius
I didn't get it yet. :/ I need to find time as I don't have my own laptop to use. We only have one laptop so...
Oct 20 by -MegaManectric-
Oct 18 by Aaaaaaaaa
Oct 18 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電