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I'm 11. Not much to say, besides, I'm everyone's friend! So I could be yours too!


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Some of the Gen 8 designs are absolutely irredeemable.

Mainly, I was pissed there was no fossil Pokemon in Gen 7, so I was looking forward to the ones in Galar...Imagine my disappointment when I saw what they had to offer.

I can't find a single person who likes those repulsive monsters, alongside the penguin. They don't belong in a Pokemon game, and whoever designed them needs to be punished.

For what it's worth, the Pokemon that ARE good -- are completely badass.
For example, I'm going to ride that fire centipede into war.
5 days ago by FlappersFlappers
"To whomever it may concern; (The man, woman, or dog responsible for this)

Why would you do this me? I will never forget this, and I will never forgive.
You need to go home. You need to give up. The few of you who have pleased me need not be bothered by this message of disappointment, for you have consoled me during this dark time.
But to those to which this message is intended -- How dare you.

And to the abominations you created; I hope you choke.

oh my god whats going on how could this happen is this a fever dream im having after overdosing on nyquil during the witching hour what were you thinking you have hurt me and now my childhood is crying i can never go back i can never go back"
6 days ago by FlappersFlappers
Yeah lmao
Nov 9 by Agent 3
Love the new picture! Good Morning, and have a great day!
Nov 6 by SylveonFairy2019
Yeah, I don't really play Pokemon anymore. There's the rare occasion when an event comes and I'm forced to open the game. Other than that, the only way to get me to play a SM/USUM is if you want to battle me/trade with me. And I don't have a Switch so I can't play SWSH. And maybe it just got kinda boring I guess. Now I'm just a guy who happens to know a lot about Pokemon. :P
Nov 2 by Galarian Ponyta
I'm getting pretty close to surpassing PX in terms of points :o

And yeah, I haven't heard anything from ForretressExplosion since the tourney started.
Nov 2 by KRLW890
Well now that you’ve posted on my wall, it’s no longer dead. Now it’s... undead, haha.

Sorry, that one was pretty bad. Happy Halloween :)
Oct 31 by KRLW890
My smartass costume is simply a shirt that says "LIFE" on it, and I'm going to go around handing people lemons.
Oct 31 by FlappersFlappers
I am confused. According to the article, https://wegotthiscovered.com/gaming/pokmon-sword-shield-ad-confirms-huge-number-returning-pokmon/?fbclid=IwAR3RXyz0xMFS9_yNILxXy9nl0yePbrmT49kJ8gZ058LufPtGxIEkOk8xneQ, I thought it was impossible and is it true that is transferring all the Pokemon would be dangerous. Plz post my wallet.
Oct 31 by sheepman1306
yeah, if a comment is funny and gets a lot of likes on another popular youtuber's video, chances are some of those people are going to check you out too.
Oct 30 by steamcrusader