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Sempi#0060 <---- Discord PM if you need something approved
Apr 6 by Sempiternus
tfw Kijani can't believe it either
Apr 2 by MrKijani
Feb 27 by Shining Yin
It's a good game. But yeah, not really a good bundle. I like the ones that have a bunch of different good games.

And I'm fine. Just finished playing Batman: Arkham Knight
Feb 27 by trachy
Ah nice. I actually think that's one of the better aspects of commerce/ economics, more practical than a lot of the other stuff in the subject area.
Good luck with it! I'll keep trudging through VCE :P
Feb 26 by ƒιzz
Nbad, living the uni life. You?
Feb 23 by Ion
You're alive :o
Feb 11 by Ion
Yeah that sounds like Melbourne, haha
What uni course are you taking if you don't mind my asking? Sure you're doing something fancy ;P
Feb 8 by ƒιzz
Jan 20 by Ion
here fishy fishy
Dec 22, 2016 by JarJar~