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Just a lonely Ghost-type haunting the site, shattered by all the hardships previously endured.

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He's a phantom
Danny Phantom
6 days ago by Giru-Rūku
Ah yes i WOULD’VE gueszed yhat had i remembered the name of your obsession XD
Jul 12 by Mighty Minior
Which game? Anime is fun we don’t have regular TV though so we watch netflix and disney plus currently were watching once upon a time on season three of seven
Jul 12 by Mighty Minior
Hey, how ya doing?
Jul 12 by Mighty Minior
gg! yay
Jul 10 by Sixer
Nice “[email protected] (giy dissappears) “um hello?” XD
Jun 27 by Mighty Minior
Oh and wdum by “yhreds on feet”  if i siund dimb sorry XD
Jun 27 by Mighty Minior
Cool, i lnow who jazzmin is but who’s Rahen? Should i know this person? Just wondering. He’ll make an intresting character since i had  originally  Planned Misty to still be 10 i mean jazzmin’s older but  look yhat old XDunless she’s magic she don’t
Jun 27 by Mighty Minior
Oh and it was just a random OC but i actually like the gym-leader  relative concept   It would probably be mostly about  storm doing a  Island challenge and she is from  alola  or maybe for something new she could do a Jim challenge  In Kanto  or somewhere
Jun 27 by Mighty Minior
Ps it  actually wasn’t a new story yet i haven’t  decided   If she will become a main character in a story or not  Yet
Jun 27 by Mighty Minior