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Gender: 50% Female, 50% Alien
Country: O Canada, my home and native land.
Favorite Pokémon: Ditto, because he can be alll the pokemon! Also, pink blob. Lilligant is close though! My favorite shiny is celebi.
Friend Codes: Human interaction is overrated lol
But seriously, check about me for a friend’s list. Wait I deleted that. Nvm.
About me: I L O V E love Pokemon. I only play casually though. Ok, maybe not ONLY casually. I am on Showdown!, after all. KitkatKK2 is my main. Also love books, they make me happy. I can’t comprehend Fahrenheit, or 4 years of high school, so don’t ask me. If you don’t get the reference in country, it’s the first lyric of our national anthem.  My previous username was KitkatKK2 here as well.

Don’t mention any of the following if you don’t want me to take over the conversation:
Gravity Falls
Rick Riordan’s mythology series’s
To a lesser extent, Pokemon ig. I won’t take over the conversation, but I’ll talk a lot more.

My favorite quotes.
"There has to be ninjas around here somewhere!" -Some random guy in Wyndon Yes, the pokemon location. Yes, the vanilla game.

“I’m not groceries!” -Jessie in the SM anime.

Mabel: “Dipper, what was the ONE thing I asked you not to do tonight?”
Dipper: “Raise the dead...”
Mabel: “And What did you do?”
Dipper: “I raised the dead...” -Mystery Twins, Gravity Falls

Favorite Pokémon by type!
Normal: Ditto (1st favorite)
Electric:  Oricorio PomPom style
Fire: Chandelure (4th favorite)
Ground: Palossand
Grass: Lilligant (2nd favorite)
Dark: Absol
Fairy: Alcremie
Bug: Ribombee
Water: Frillish
Psychic: Celebi (3rd favorite)
Fighting: Meloetta (Pirouette form)
Ghost: Mimikyu
Flying: Talonflame
Dragon: Goodra
Poison: Roserade
Steel: Mawile (5th favorite)
Ice: Glaceon
Rock: Aurourus

 -------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

My favourite thing about having my own characters is that my headcanon about them is canon.

Quiz! If you get them all right, then I will give you a hi-five across the Internet!
Pokémon Edition!
1. This is the smallest (not lightest) Gen V Pokémon.
2. Two third stage Pokémon can be obtained at level 1. Name both.
3. In my Gravatar, which Pokémon did team rocket want ditto to copy?
4. This is the name the old woman uses for the gift cosmog you get at the end of the Crown Tundra Expansion.
5. Which Pokeball has the animation of hearts upon coming out?
6. Name a Pokémon with a unique type combination.
7. What was the OT of the gen 7 event in which you got a shiny Tapu?

The quiz will be updated as soon as somebody gets them all right.
Getting rid of the list. Username changes make updating this Tartarus.

Ok bye.

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OK, I lied I did it during the day oh well deal with it LOL  hope you like it let me know what you think
3 days ago by Mighty Minior
Chapter 8

We climb  two mountains, meet two new Pokemon and Alex meets her twin,

Hi, hi! It’s Airika. So yay Magnus got a flower crown! “Omph” he just hit me while saying “don’t you start too.” Alex, apparently, approver and i’m more afraid of her than a healer. Anyway, after Lush Jungle we headed towards Wela Volcano. Casey seemed to be on a mission but i decided to interrupt her mission. “Hey who wants to climb an active volcano?” I asked. “Me” Alex said “not me” Hearth signed, well he vigorously shook his head so i assume that’s what he meant.  sam didn’t look happy but remained silent. “As long as we aren’t lava shrfing...” Magnus  said. Bltz just gushed dejectedly. Casey crossed her arms “are you sure that’s a good idea?” She asked “nope!” I said and ran off, Alex following me. “Hey!” sam called and took off after us. we“Good grief” Magnus said as he, Bltz and Casey brought up the rear. “Ta-sa’ welcome to   Wela volcano!” I said as everyone caught up. “Cool, can i take some of the dirt?” Alex asked, i’m not sure why she wanted dirt but Alex, i’m learning is very odd. “ technically it’s ash but um sure?” I said.  While Alex collected ash and Magnus coughed continuously Casey came over to me. “Hey Air? Since were here why don’t we show them Charziatd ride?0 im fairly certain i grinned evilly at the prospect of seeing our new friends flail around your Sicily in the sky. “Why Casey i thought it was obvious, that’s why were here.” It wasn’t really i’s just wanted to show off one of Alola’s landmarks but still. “Alright everyone gather around!0” i called . Probably sounding l   Ike a tour guide. Alex, having long since collected her ash, was first to reply. “What’re we gonna do now?” Honestly she sounded like an eager little kid, Magnus sidled up beside Alex sounding like was praying “please no lava stuffing please” i rolled my eyrs at him “lava surfing is dangerous why would we even try?” I asked he muttered something like “water surfing is dangerous” Hearth frowned at me and shrugged p   like “who lnows? Maybe lava surfing would be fun.” Bltz, predictably asked “are we going shopping...for clothes?” I smiled sweetly at  him “nope” “dang” he said. Then i held out a phone-like device with  pictures on the buttons instead of numbers. “See this?0 i asked. They nodded, “it’s called a ride pager.” Magnus gowned “pager? It doesn’t look like a book” Alex elbowed him sharply “no, flower master, she means like a phone, you “page” someone pike well actually it’s more like a PA system.” “Flowed Master?” Magnus Asked incredulously, “ahem your distracted listen up!” I said and continued “Alex is roght-“ i started again but was interrupted by Alex saying “i knew it!”  “Anyway” i tried again, “a ride pager allows us tp call on certain Poke-mon for transportation, right now let’s focus on the Fly-ride” Alex asked  “were riding giant flies?” Casey groaned loudly at that, then snatched my Pager away, “hey” i  protested but she’d already pounded the orange button 7 times within seconds 7 charziatd surrounded us, “eek,” Alex squeaked Magnus tried to  block Alex from the charziatd’s as though they’ed attacked. Sam fumbled with a glowing spear? Wait what? How had i missed that? Casey stopped them before a fight broke. “Woah woah woah! Calm down guys these are the ride pokemon!” Hearth who’d been rummaging on his rune sack, seemed to be first to understand , i only realized after she’d been signing, “those...are...nit...giant flies.” Alex mumbled  “at least they aren’t lynd-worms.” Magnus added. I decided tp ask later what a lynd-worm was.  sam  said “i can fly on my own.” And  promptly Jumped up about oh 6 inches maybe. “ did you have a nice flight?” I asked., apparently she didn’t like my humor because she glowered at me. Alex cut in,”dud you forget sis? You can’t just say “eatch me fly!” And expect it to work.” Sam grumbled “no” even though it was obvious, even to me, Jihad. “Anyway, come on it’ll be fine!” I said and hopped onto a Charziard. Casey was second to hop on then Hearth who somehow managed to like regal on a fire-breathing dragon-rsque creature.  Then Alex who to her credit only slid forward a little. Sam tried tp copy Alex but did better than Alex, Bltz looked worried  but got on one anyway, “c’mon flower master up you go or are you afraid your petals will burn?” Alex Taunted. Side note, Alex would make a great Dark-Type with her taunts and verbal torture.

For people  who had never flown Charziatd, they weren’t  half bad. Sam was awesome, she looked like a queen up there. Second best was Hearth and Alex tied. Bltz and Magnus? Well neither looked happy, Magnus looked green but Bltz just looked uncomfortable. Oh and Casey  and i were just plain masters. We landed at a bus stop on Ula’Ula island but only went part way, we made everyone climb the rest of the way up Hokulani. Once we git to the top Magnus collapsed in a smarty, panting heap. Alex was none the worse for wear. And seemed glee-full “c’mon it easn’t YHATw bad, i thought you hiked a lot?” Alex asked Magnus “yeah on MATKED TRAILS.” Magnus answered. By them Caseu, Sam, Hearth and Bltz  had arrived...and Alex? But Alex was already here.  The Alex that had come with Casey giggled like a school-girl and started sashaying around the Alex that who had come with me. “Um...hello?” The first Alex said Alex 2 remained silent. Alex 1 backed away from Alex 2, who pursued her regardless. “Pssy Casey? That’s a Ditto, right?” She nodded then tapped Alex 1’s shielder. “Throw your  ball.” She said1’s poke ball . She threw ut  through het lips, “what? But” Alex answered, just then Alex 2 ceased Alex 1’s poke ball and threw ur, jumping onside. “What the- did i just catch nyself?” We’d know soon enough,
3 days ago by Mighty Minior
That’s vood! Sorry i didn’t pip i  sooner. I’ll do ch 8 tommrrow night (hopefully)
3 days ago by Mighty Minior
Hmm half of me says “raje oitty on [email protected] the other half sats “[email protected]  and okay! Now i remember i’ll start tonight or tommrrow. How’ve yku been?
3 days ago by Mighty Minior
I know where that mountain is LOL I just can’t remember if someone supposed to get a Pokémon there and if so who it was and which ones ? Also for Ila’Ula might we include sushi high roller and allow bltz to get new clothes? A happy dwarf najes a happy  trup XD
4 days ago by Mighty Minior
Oh PS in realitg u am magnus level good at surfing XD
4 days ago by Mighty Minior
Awesome! I was liyerally coming to say “hi” today. How ya been?  This mountain who gets what?  Oh since were on Akala,  what do you think would happen if we went to Wela volcano? I see a lot of compkaining happening . Poor Maggie gets soaked then a flower crown became his beastie.
4 days ago by Mighty Minior
Oh, I didn't realize that, cool.
Apr 24 by MimikyuShadow
Sorry, I'm just getting around to this, I do understand the name refference, it's what Bill calls Ford, at least I'm pretty sure that's right.
Apr 24 by MimikyuShadow
Ta-da! Sorry i got done so fast it just spilled out! Theres no need to feel you  have to do 7 i’m not in a hurry besides i have to make teen kids if the  folliwing  characters .

Belle and the Beast

Snow Whyte and prince Henry ( no I did not know her princes name was Henry til i read the book)

Wendy Darling (maybe (Peter Pann but  that might be hard considering he never grows up)

Auora and Phillip

Aladdin and Jazzmine

I already made Ariel and Eric’s son (Aaron) and Anna and  Kristof ‘s daughtee (Elise) i may do a dhikd of Elsa too a-byway i’ll be doing thrse for a while... I don’t even know should have a son or daughter  except obviously the ones I’ve already done .
Apr 20 by Mighty Minior