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Gender: Reject gender, embrace abomination against Arceus. (she/her)
Country: Somewhere that doesn’t exist. I am a payed actor, to make you think Canada exists, but it doesn’t.
Favorite Pokémon: Ditto, because he can be alll the Pokemon! Also, pink blob. Lilligant is close though! My favorite shiny is Celebi.
Friend Codes: Human interaction is overrated lol
About me: I L O V E love Pokemon. I only play casually though. Ok, maybe not ONLY casually. I am on Showdown!, after all. KitkatKK2 is my main. Also love books, they make me happy. I can’t comprehend Fahrenheit, or 4 years of high school, so don’t ask me. My previous username was KitkatKK2 here as well.

Don’t mention any of the following if you don’t want me to take over the conversation:
Gravity Falls
Rick Riordan’s mythology series’s
To a lesser extent, Pokemon ig. I won’t take over the conversation, but I’ll talk a lot more.

My favorite quotes.
"There has to be ninjas around here somewhere!" -Some random guy in Wyndon Yes, the pokemon location. Yes, the vanilla game.

“I’m not groceries!” -Jessie in the SM anime.

Mabel: “Dipper, what was the ONE thing I asked you not to do tonight?”
Dipper: “Raise the dead...”
Mabel: “And What did you do?”
Dipper: “I raised the dead...” -Mystery Twins, Gravity Falls

Dipper:  You're insane!
Bill Cipher: Sure I am, what's your point? -Gravity Falls

Nico: He’s not my boyfriend!
Will: Would you prefer I call you “significant other”?
Nico: more like significant annoyance in your case.

Favorite Pokémon by type!
Normal: Ditto (1st favorite)
Electric:  Oricorio PomPom style
Fire: Chandelure (4th favorite)
Ground: Palossand
Grass: Lilligant (2nd favorite)
Dark: Absol
Fairy: Alcremie
Bug: Ribombee
Water: Frillish
Psychic: Celebi (3rd favorite)
Fighting: Meloetta (Pirouette form)
Ghost: Mimikyu
Flying: Talonflame
Dragon: Goodra
Poison: Roserade
Steel: Mawile (5th favorite)
Ice: Glaceon
Rock: Aurourus

 -------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

My favourite thing about having my own characters is that my headcanon about them is canon.

Quiz! If you get them all right, then I will give you a hi-five across the internet!
The quiz will be updated as soon as somebody (honestly probably Shatter) gets them all right.

Ok bye.

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Ah okay...

Airika X Alister, ship probably she’d try to  get him to come out of his shell  A bit

As for the idea that’s okay it just randomly came
56 minutes ago by Mighty Minior
Hmm i don’t know his  personality  So i can’t ship or rip.

But that gives me an idea...eh it might not fit but would Xasey have had a teacher you know a lerson who taught her about ghost-types? If so she could bring it up at some point maybe
1 hour ago by Mighty Minior
Airika ships continued

Percy, ship it, percy’s funny  and she’ll most likely like his overall attitude   But I’m not sure if this would be a true ****  because  she most likely consider him a good friend .

Clemont, ship  there’s nothing wrong with him to Pomeroy find his wonders where the experiments funny but she would also feel the need to help him improve. She also wouldn’t keep running off line everyone else and be shre he was alright and keeping up.

Ta-da i think the coolest ship here is Cilin
1 hour ago by Mighty Minior
Airika ships

Magnus, ship it. He’s funny but  doesn’t seem to think highly of himself  airika would be  The encouraging time  And always be there. Imagine a less sassy Alex here

Bltz, rip it, she’d like his love of fashion but wouldn’t like living in the dark all the time plus she’d wanna see his face. They’d be friends that’s all.

Hearth, ship it. She’d hate his dadeven though he’s dead and she loves magic. She’d also tryvto be  encouraging  Here too she’d have to learn ASL but she do it with  determination .

Alister, who is this?

Leo Valdez, ship, she’d feel bad for him it would be like Magnus and Hearth. She’d also enjoy his humor she’d even try to get into  mechanical stuff  

Cilin ship although she’d find him a bit boastful she’d enjoy his  Energy and have fun traveling with him. She’d ( unlike most people) enjoy the “ evaluation time “ he dors  because she wants to be the best partner she can be to her Pokémon  I know she doesn’t know what to work on she will never improve.
1 hour ago by Mighty Minior
You need to ship or rop Airika now XD
16 hours ago by Mighty Minior
I meant pokemon Bianca and Saturn and Mars as in admins, i meant Wallace
16 hours ago by Mighty Minior
I don’t even know where to find Banette but Mimikyu i do. Maybe she couldget one or both in STJ were already headed to mount whatever (yes i forgit its name) so maybe after Skye Casey can get a Mimikyu

Can Airika be annoying and  unofficially  Name it? She’d refer to it by “name” because...Airika
18 hours ago by Mighty Minior
Alright don’t sound so offended  it was just an idea. So we scrap that (well the Casey part anyway) what do you suggest she (i’d think) want a pokemon from Alola i still like her getting a shiny too i mean it wouldn’t be fair if Airika just kept getting them it wouldn’t be balanced anyway. So maybe yiu have an idea for her?
19 hours ago by Mighty Minior
I alreadyvhad a plan for yhat, i nevef intended her to keep it in fact i was thinking at the end she’d give it to Airika.

I don’t quite understand why you’re so agaonst the psychic type thing if yiu ask me psychic is equally supernatural to ghost i don’t want this to ruin the Journal for you i just don’t understand.
19 hours ago by Mighty Minior
Well how boring XD however “supernatural” isn’t ALL ghoststhere are psychic types that could work and it dosen’t have to be one you got irl i might even make up one for Airikabased on one i want. Casey could get



Maybe Airika could  unofficially name Casdy’s.

You could do Drapion where its half dark type its a slight stretch but psychic wouldn’t be

I guess its okay if your dead set afainst it but it would’ve been fun i think
22 hours ago by Mighty Minior