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About me: me, i’m blind, quirky, love to write and am always herebfor people who need to talk. I have more friends here than irl  and my three besties in my opinion are  X, Y and Jason. But I care about everyone in my friends list and hope to add more!

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Haha thanks! Yeah I’m good. I went to another part of Sweden to visit family friends for a few days, which sadly meant sleeping in the same room as my annoying brothers :( Anyway I’m writing this on the way back, hope you’re still good.
1 hour ago by Rayquaza2753
And can you please come to chat sometime?
18 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
Not very far. And same here about not brushing as often as we should. I usually only do it during the night. And I don't care about your new idea (no offense). I hate Tinkerbell. Anyway, here's my idea...

It takes place in the Pokemon world, obviously. In it, a small group of people have set out to be protectors, to be heroes. But instead of using Pokemon, they use their own supernatural abilities. Each hero has five forms, and I'll go over them here.

Basic form: Their regular everyday form. Nothing special about it, no special powers or anything. It's what gives them the illusion of being regular people as well.

Hero forms: Each hero has three of these. They're each a different type, such as Fire, Grass, or Water, and grant them different powers, as well as a different outfit and personality. They can't be dual-typed, just one single type, and there can't be repeating types. The hero can change to the three hero forms at will. I'll show you Pika's three forms. First off, there's her Psychic-type form. It grants her telekinesis, levitation, telepathy, and the power to read people's minds and sense them even when her eyes are closed and they're not close by. She becomes purely silent when not speaking telepathically, as well as very intelligent and logical. Her eyes are basically always closed, and when she opens them, her power increases. I don't know exactly what outfit to give her. I was randomly thinking of a lavender kimono. Then there's her Fairy-type form, and it grants her rather meager powers. Basically, she uses her cuteness to charm people into lowering their guard and can make any boy around her age fall in love with her. It's obviously more of a supporting form. She becomes affectionate and flirty, and if she's injured or scared, she'll break down in tears. She also smiles and winks a lot. Her outfit changes to a light pink and white striped dress and shorts. Finally, her Electric-type form. She gains incredible speed and the power to absorb electricity and lightning for more power. She also can use this electricity in her kicks and punches, as well as to fire blasts of electricity from her hands. She becomes overly cocky and confident, and is proud of her power and speed, which she loves to show off for the sake of showing off. Her outfit changes to a yellow tank top with an orange lightning bolt on it as well as yellow shorts and running shoes. As you can see, changes and powers can vary greatly.

Berserk form: A dual-typed form that is only accessible in a very drastic situation, most likely of life and death. In this form, they completely lose control of themselves until they're stopped. The dual-type has two types they don't use in hero forms. Pika couldn't have a berserk form that had Fairy, Electric, or Psychic as one of the types, for example. While I don't have her berserk form all planned, it'll most likely be Steel- and Fire-type, because flaming blades are wicked. The two types are best when the combo would lead to something dangerous, like Electric/Poison or Fire/Rock. Just imagine how much damage electrified toxins and flaming rocks could do. Although you don't have to imagine the Fire/Rock combo. We all know about volcanoes. Pika's most likely Steel/Fire combo will not only give her dangerous metal blades, but flaming metal blades, which are quite dangerous.

Tell me whatcha think of the idea.

The Glazio News
I've been breeding perfect IV Eevees! I got one bred so far, and he has Modest nature, so I'm EV training him! While 5IV, with no IVs in Attack, is better than 6IV in the case of special attackers, I don't really care. He's gonna be a Sylveon, and I named him Type: Fée. I think that's it for now. See ya!
19 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
*I used to be worried that I'd need braces
1 day ago by Glazio Kawaii
I think the glasses and braces on Pika look cute because they look stupid at the same time. She has braces because I used to be worried that I'd need glasses. And I think the reason is 'hey why not' with Gladion. Some people like glasses. Gladion just might've thought that he liked glasses. Sure, he doesn't seem like a glasses sorta guy, but apparently he got a new outfit too. But Gladion in glasses is very attractive to me for some reason, heh... when I imagine him, he looks kinda dorky and cute and- oh heck I can't even type about him without blushing madly.

Also, we have a lot to plan with the Mystery Dungeon fanfic. And I have a fanfic idea I got last night that I'd like to share with you simply because it's kinda cool.

The Glazio News
Yay, I bred some more HA Pokemon! I think I got Torchic, Woobat, and Druddigon! I also have some more HA starters to breed, so I'll be breedin' those! Not much aside from that, sadly. See ya!
1 day ago by Glazio Kawaii
Not much up really. Crown tundra’s out and I’m busy trying to complete the story and waiting for the next competitive season. H
2 days ago by Rayquaza2753
Hi Nova how are you?
3 days ago by Rayquaza2753
Hmm... when he thinks he's protecting her? What do you mean, exactly?
3 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
All righty! So just copy paste the Pokemon requirements twice so that you have the two Pokemon that shall be shipped.


'Pokemon' and 'gender' are the ones truly required. The other three are optional. 'Ability' and 'moves' are for if you want there to be battling involved or if you want them to use their ability and moves for something. For example, in Umbreon (F) x Absol (M), Absol used Night Slash to kill a Rattata he was hunting. That was the only time he used a move, and it was for hunting.

Story title:

These are also optional. Story title is if you want to give the story a name (I'll name it if you don't), and plot is if you want it to have a specific bit of story. If you do, don't give it a complex plot, as these are kind of short stories.

And note that you can ship any two Pokemon. They don't have to be in the same Egg group and they can be genderless. If one is genderless, you get to choose its gender. However, Pokemon that can only be one gender will always be that gender.
3 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
I'm doin' good. Also, would you like to contribute to a fanfic compilation I'm writing? It's Pokemon x Pokemon, and basically they're shortish stories about two Pokemon who are in love or whatever. I finished one, Umbreon (F) x Absol (M), which is about a timid, homeless Umbreon who finds an Absol, runs away, gets really tired out, ends up in Absol's cave, and passes out on his bed. He comes back to his cave and actually lets her stay in the cave and gives her food, a Rattata he'd killed. Because some Pokemon hunt others for food. So she's grateful and, a few months later in spring, they're mates with a little baby Eevee. Shallow? Yes. But eh. If you're interested, I can give you the requirements, but if you're not, OK.

The Glazio News
I tried to breed some Pokemon, some more Pokemon, and some other Pokemon. Oh, and I got that Cyndaquil I wanted. That's really all for now, sadly. See ya!
3 days ago by Glazio Kawaii