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Or should I use Necro DM?
22 hours ago by ★~ProfDelldell~★
kyurem white
22 hours ago by SSuperiority
Okay. Thanks for the team I’ll try it out. If I were to use my current team, should I replace Pdon with Xerneas?
23 hours ago by ★~ProfDelldell~★
For now
1 day ago by SSuperiority
It was a joke lol
1 day ago by ◦KyogrePulse◦
Yeah, it should be a fun match.  I'll probably lose, but oh well.
1 day ago by J™
I'm playing melcakes.
1 day ago by J™
God help me in the tournament lol.
2 days ago by J™
8 people became expert in the last few months. Back when I became an expert in 2017, it took 2 years to get the next expert.
4 days ago by sumwun
I’m sure you’ll get there!
4 days ago by PrimalKyogre