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Actually don't mind spelling I'm on a v old phone...
And small phone
24 minutes ago by AssaultDestiny
Hi, sorry for the late detailed reply I was studying the last time I replied oof.

1. Deoxys-A: Ngl, you are wasting sheer power. I haven't ever seen a PsySpam team without All-Out Attacker Deo-A. Make it an AAA:

Deoxys-Attack @ Life Orb
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Psycho Boot
- Psyshock
- Ice Beam
- Superpower

Boost is OMFG WHAT THE HECK in PsySpam, Psyshock is there as an alternate STAB with better accuracy that doesn't lower your Special Attack, and it crushes specially-defensive targets like Ho-Oh, Primal Kyogre, and Blissey, Nice Beam is for the Nice Mega Ray's, Superpower hits hard hose steel types etc.
Like, don't waste Rocks on it pl. It won't be good :(

2. Tapu Lele: I guess it's nice but I really don't think Shadow Ball is defined, replace it with Nature's Madness. Let's see Lugia, Chans, etc now n_n. Like it's seen on many many many sets and so I said lols.

3. NDM: Ya fine.

4. Cal-S: Ya fine.

5. MMY: Ya fine.

6. Arceus-Fairy: Ok I had really forgotten that PsySpam ain't only about Hyper Offense, soz. It's a nice Yve check, I'll be recommending Mag, but Y Bird now carries Heat Wave, so nop.

Ok now, you need a Rocker. As you asked me, who plays Gen 7 AG, and who doesn't even know that Zashiyun (spelling intended) is nice, you'll get some trash advise (man I'm not tht good u know that xP)
Anyways, I used a PDon as a Rocker in PsySpam, and a lot of the teams and replays that I saw also used PDon, so I guess it's nice. Actually it's more than nice. It checks Xern also, nice. Rocks / Blades / Toxic / Filler is nice.
Now who would you replace? Actually in Gen 7 AG, my *refined* PsySpam w/o Deo-A Spam had no Cal-S (not poss anyways as its Gen 8 xP). Actually I don't know, it's upon ya, what I wanted to say was that don't waste Deo-A's potential pls.

I think I helped, if I didn't, say 'Ya moron' on my wall. I'll be more than happy as it'd make me improve my Team Rayin skills!

Thanks and regards,
Destiny xP
25 minutes ago by AssaultDestiny
Thank you!!!
1 hour ago by AssaultDestiny
Stalker :p
(No just joking)
Ty I'll start soon.
1 hour ago by hoennseptile
B u l l y u i n g  h i m  i s  o f  n o  u s e  l o l
5 hours ago by AssaultDestiny
+ Mega Ray as a Scarfer, but that's uncommon.
And I did my first TheoryMon battle w/ my brother >.<
He's new loll
6 hours ago by AssaultDestiny
Actually, it's very nice, but the FairyCeus looks undefined, but w/o it, Sashes break, so ig it's well.
Me, I used 3x Deo-A, 1x Lele, 1x U-Necro, 1x MMY, but that was Gen 7 lols.
Anyways, it's v nice rlly, and it'd work.
Ye, but watch out for fast Scarfers, they sometimes posed a huge problem for me. And speed ties w/ Cal-S also v bad sometimes...
7 hours ago by AssaultDestiny
Lol yep it's very fun to use xD I even used once on my alt spammed low ladder players cooly lol
7 hours ago by AssaultDestiny
Nice lol.
14 hours ago by J™
Thank you Swastik GOAT xD
20 hours ago by J™