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About me: My top ten bands/artists: The Contortionist, Blackpink, Meshuggah, Monuments, Tesseract, Shrine of Malice, Fractalize, Black Tongue, After the Burial, Gravemind

My top ten songs: Reading;Steiner, Dancers to a Discordant System, Ivory, Desert of Ash, Eternal Return to Ruin, Neo Seoul, Early Grave, Playing with Fire, Survival. The Left Hand

I play Magic: the Gathering as well but mainly modern and EDH, feel free to leave a comment on my wall if you do as well because to my knowledge, there's a few folks on here that do.

Vote for who you want to vote for, do your own research and figure it out yourself. Don't let vocal minorities and mainstream media influence your position but most importantly of all, respect each other as human beings and don't force your views upon others because when you stray away from politics, you tend to realise that you'll find common ground with people who are so vastly different from yourself and actually enjoy their company.

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https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v67ESEqKmuEzIUh6ysItCbxoXDtu7hFElqZADhPrz9k/edit assuming you have a Google account, go ahead and ask me for access and i'll gladly grant it
Apr 16 by Ætherborn Rogue
And, as it turns out one of them is Lathril lol
Apr 16 by Ætherborn Rogue
Many of the decks I have are jank, but simultaneously expensive. I don't intend on building most of them, it's just an outlet of ideas I get. They are all locked at the moment because historically I've been insecure about publicly showing my work, because I only got into Magic itself about a year and a half ago. But I'd still be happy to show you - I'll send you a list of my commanders and their themes and I'd be happy to unlock any and as many as you like.

I play most of them on Untap.in, a simulator service that's for TCGs, similar to how Showdown! is for conventional Pokemon. Are you familiar with it? I do not know how well-spread the word is on it. One day maybe I'll build one in paper but my paper collection is very small right now.
Apr 16 by Ætherborn Rogue
Go ahead, I'll give it a look, I'm always down to check that out! I use Archidekt for designing, myself, and have a ton of "skeletons" of decks already there. I'll need an account for Moxfield, but I'm happy to use whatever you do, not a problem.
Apr 13 by Ætherborn Rogue
I thought that might have been a hint. I don't know what PX refers to as a Pokemon, actually.

I haven't been looking as much at C21 as I have been about Strixhaven itself, but just taking a look at it it looks like it's set to be a companion set of sorts to Strixhaven. And let me tell you, I'm not a fan of this upcoming set (except for Silverquill-Orzhov and Quandrix-Simic, which I can get behind just a little bit of).

My playstyle is generally creature heavy or balanced. I am not comfortable with decks that are heavy in impermanent spells. So I might invest elsewhere for a bit. The one thing that does entice me to invest a little in Strixhaven is that I'm interested in those "archive" bonus cards; I'll see what I can get and probably donate the rest of the pulls related to that.
Apr 12 by Ætherborn Rogue
Also I'm shocked you're still around, PX. I don't poke around a lot at the social part of the DB, just come in for the odd answer or question about new games or shiny hunting, but it's good to hear you're around!
Apr 3 by Ætherborn Rogue
A MAGIC FRIEND! Innistrad will never be the same without Avacyn :pensive:

You excited for them to go back there this coming winter though?
Apr 3 by Ætherborn Rogue
That sounds really awesome, dude! :) That guitar at 1:02, and also that guitar riff it progresses into ending at like 2:02, or a bit earlier. I liked it a lot! Nice distortion and everythin'.
I subbed your channel haha, always fun to hear stuff like this!! :-)
Mar 25 by ZXOS
Clockwork was actually the better one I think :D That guitar at 1:02 though.
Nice choice of music, pal. We'll have to talk more music some other time.
Mar 24 by ZXOS
I guess what you get from looking it up on YT isn't what it actually is
Mar 21 by Terlor