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Country: Gardenia's gym
Favorite Pokémon: Roserade, Alakazam, And Jigglypuff.
Friend Codes: PS Accounts: (Note, a - next to an account means its either outdated, or I don't use it anymore. a * Means its my active account.

(-) Hyphen
(-) Alakazam Lover )
(-) Ugh. JustUgh.
(*) Vive le birds baby

I play gen 8 LC, Gen 7 AG, Gens 8, 2, and 1 Random battles, and Gen 7 Doubles OU.

About me: "Grassy is ALWAYS useful!"

I'm just gonna list my favorite types / games. (Games is just

TYPES:                              GAMES:
Grass.                               Unova
Fire                                   Hoenn
Electric                             Kanto                                           
Psychic.                           Sinnoh
Dragon                              Kalos
Poison                              Galar
Fairy                                  Alola

Shinies i've caught/found/saw and they commited suicide (Yes, I'm talking to you, graveler!)

#1: Rattata: I was just playing pokemon: Lets go, Eevee! And, suddenly, after I beat brock and went to route 4, I think it is? I found something shining in the grass, and it turned out to be rattata!

#2: Wailord: I was playing pokemon sword, and was fishing on the route where you get the water bike. I dunno why, I was just fishing. But I reeled up an entire WAILORD! It was Purple, too.

#3: Nidorino: Back at it again with pokemon: Lets go, Eevee! I was at the route to the right of Cerulean city, and I thought I saw a nidorina, but it turned out to be a shiny Nidorino!

#4: Onix: How many shinies have I found in LGE? The answer is 7. I won't mention 'em all, though. Mostly because I'm too lazy to type for that long. But yeah, One of my shinies is Boulders The Onix.

Omega Chad's:
Shatter The Duskreon
Mighty Minior
Omega Blade-X
Frozen Inferno 火
A Usual Glimpse.
dat salamence tho
This Guy
Chesta Adabi 481
Too lazy to update this list with these peoples actual username.

The Hyphen Nation
The Hyphenation
mega mismagius

For reading to the end of this profile... I guess you get a prize.
[ :|  < There's your prize. A face.

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Bro you just posted cringe
You are going to lose subscriber
19 hours ago by The Hyphenation
We're no strangers to love,
You know the rules and so do I,
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of,
You'll never get this from any other guy,
I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling,
Gotta make you understand,
Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down,
Never gonna run around and desert you,
Never gonna make you cry,
Never gonna say goodbye,
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
4 days ago by Mr. Beast™
I'm just gonna rickroll you out of spite
5 days ago by Mr. Beast™
It's a 10 hour video of a spinning fish
5 days ago by Mr. Beast™
It's not tho
6 days ago by Mr. Beast™
Yay, I messaged you!
Recommended a nice Pokemon movie for ya ;)
Jan 9 by Hexhalem
By the way, nice username. It's just about my favorite Pokemon
... after Mismagius
Jan 8 by Hexhalem
Ooooh, does it involve adding you, and talking to you?
Please say yes!
Here's my tag XerophyteBlade#7613
Jan 8 by Hexhalem
Thanks, I appreciate that :)
Jan 7 by Hexhalem