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Wall for Thunder Clapper™

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Dec 12, 2020 by GodspeedKK
Congrats on 3k!
Dec 7, 2020 by ◦KyogrePulse◦
3k points congrats
Dec 7, 2020 by SSuperiority
Zeraora is my favorite Pokemon!
Nov 2, 2020 by ~Dragapulse~
thunder crapper
Oct 31, 2020 by Hellfire Taco
Hi, if you received this message, you are a well-respected member of the ™ Gang. Due to a newly-declared war against the Squigglies Name Cult, a decision has been made to elect a leader of the ™ Gang. Please place your vote on my wall and results will get to you shortly.
Oct 31, 2020 by ♪Barbara Bingbong♪™
ayo :)
Oct 31, 2020 by celadon
Oct 11, 2020 by ~BulbaBruh™~
It's fine. And yea, that was probably better to put on their wall
Sep 28, 2020 by ☆SleepyDreepy☆
I was just trying to help them
Sep 28, 2020 by ☆SleepyDreepy☆