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Gender: Glucose Guardian, Professional owo-er
Country: Canada
Favorite Pokémon: Leafeon, Glaceon, Mudkip, and Snivy are my main favourites, but I have many
Friend Codes: Discord: snek#6305
Switch: *will update*

Pokemon Games I have:

Gen 1: Yellow
Gen 2: Crystal
Gen 4: HeartGold, SoulSilver, Pearl, Platinum, Japanese Diamond x2
Gen 5: Black, White 2
Gen 6: X, Alpha Sapphire
Gen 7: Sun, Ultra Moon
7.5: Let's go Eevee
Gen 8: Sword

-Pokepark, Pokepark 2
-Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
-M.D Gates to Infinity
About me: This account has a lot of preteen cringe. Please forgive child me.


So hey, I'm 17. I work at a dentist pulling teeth and washing tools, managing paperwork and taking peoples money. Fun job.

On my freetime I play Pokemon and write music on the VOCALOID software and Studio One 3. I can play guitar, piano and clarinet. Right now, I'm actively in guitar.

If you read this far, post "oops" on my wall. thanks

I like snakes, I have a pet snake named Felix. He has an account here. He's sleeping under my lamp.

~~My shinies in Let's Go Eevee, in order~~

-Jolteon "Silver"
-Vaporeon "Cosmic"
-Ninetails "Amber"
-Rapidash "Eppy"
-Chansey (failed capture)
-Flareon "Snowbell"
-Psyduck "Berrybutt"
-Nidoking "Lucky"
- Pidgeotto Unnamed
-Shiny Eevee 4, traded to CC
-Another Rapidash "Horse"
-Chansey "Joy"
-Geodude "Legs"
-Clefairy "Pants"
-Caterpie "Silly Balls"
-Pikachu "Orange"

-Sylveon "Hime"
-Roserade "Renamon"
-Inteleon "Astro"
-Chandelure "Fruitybooty"
-Rapidash, Caught in Lets go "Something"
-Machamp "Muscle boi"
-Gmax Female Eevee, failed capture :(
-Corviknight "Visco Birg"
-Toxtricity "Guitar Hero"
-Umbreon "Smoothie
-Alakazam "Mustache" from go
-Alakazam 2 from go
-Gothetelle  "Regrette"
-Wooper "Pumpkin"
-Gastly from Go
-Dreepy, Unnamed


-Dustox "Buggy" (2 hr)
-Gardevoir "Justice" (4 hr)
-Skitty "Meowy" (8 hr)
-Litleo, traded from a friend
-Spinda "Ruby" (51 hr)
-Skamory "Greenywing" (88 hr)

Rarely active but pop in sometimes. I'm in more often now thanks to Corona lol

Going to Kill CC♡

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yes i am
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is cc a new yorker
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imagine playing pokemon lol
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the person below is LYING
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change ur grav to N so we can be the hottest couple on pb B)
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