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Gender: I’m a mystery wrapped up in an enigma (girl duh)
Country: In a very dark room...under yhe bed.
Favorite Pokémon:
Friend Codes: Name changes
 A lot but I don’t recall all heres a few.
Project Emerald (Emra)
Miss Macgarl  (MM)
Aurora Zapp
My buddy in the grav used to ralk til someone squashed his life out. This is what he said “i’ve Got My Eye on youu.” His names Rufus (he came named)  loves Pvideo games so why not let him on ny account?

I have  officially drowned Guzma i rule Team Skull. I am Queen Skull and i  preside  Over my  dancing gang of idiots .




Hope that’s everyone if i missed you wall me
About me: I’ve decided to add some song quotes, why? I say why not?
Not from a song but LIL “You look like an angey snowball.” -Cassian to Amran .

“Chased nby the sun, escaping flatlines. Devil On My Shoulder
“ I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast  but I
am a six course meal and
you’re just burnt toast .”  Tricks up my sleeve
“ do you think you got what it takes to go toe to toe I’ve got more moves than you’ll ever know  I own the stage I am all the rage you’re from the past I am from the space-age -  tricks up my sleeve

“I’m a sinner, i’m a taknted saint, i’m a savior it’s all the same.” - Devil On My Shoulder

“Losing is east, winning rakes bravery...” - Loyal, Brave, True.

“A very merry happy unbirthday to you.” -Alice In Wonderland

“Blood to blood and soul to siul together this was done and only together can it be undone. Be a light, be a bridga, only when iron melts and flowers spring from killing fields will the land be won.” -song Of The Witch Kingdom.

(Not a song quote) “the internet is a   Cesspool , don’t look at it,” -Lena Luthor from Supergirl (i agree too bad i’m still here XD)

“Should I ask myself in the water what a warrior  would do? Tell me underneath ny armor am i loyal, brave and true?” -loyal, beave, true from Mulan

“ say goodbye to the Yesterdays  that owned us , Open your eyes because today is not the same “ Not The Same by Melinda(thanks AR XD)

“Something has stirred, a beast has awakened , open the door theres no misraking  raging war it’s oughting inside of me. So hear ny battle cry i’mbout for blood to claim what’s finally  questioning yf am, my own worst ny on worst enemy”-Battle Cry

“I knowf that your powers of   Retention Are as wet as a warthogs backside but thick as yiu are pay attention nu wkrds are a matter of prude, when were talking kings and  successions  Even you can’t be caught unawares.  So orepare fjr the chance of a lifetime, be prepared for  sensational  News. A shinning new era is tiptoeing bearer...” be prepared from The Lion King.

“I admit that in the past i was a nasty they weren’t kidding when they called well a witch but you’ll find that nowadays i’ve repented seen the light and made swatch, true?, yes. And  fortunately  I know a little magic, it’s a Talent  That I always have possessed, now dear lady please don’t laugh. I use it on behalf of the miserable, lonely, depressed  pathetic poor  unfortunate  Souls.”  Porn fortunate souls From the Little Mermaid

“One of us chase the day and one of us face the night. And all of us pavedthe way to where we are tonight, turn around and now we’ve find it’s all for one”-All For One

“I should toss ya’ll like a rotten salad, the evidence against me, far from valid.” - Impostor  imperceptible   

“Open up your eyes! See the world from where I stand. Me among the mighty, yiu caved at my command...” -Open Up Your Eyes..

“Hello. Kind sir. I’m so glad yiu never met me. Best not to talk you’ll just kill the miis around yiy. I admit i’m scared and sorry for what I must do. Okay here goes it’s easy as 1. 2, 3. Good afternoon miss yiu’re my second victims. First one was trouble don’t cuz i fixed ‘em... - Circus     

“This is our  declaration of our new  generation it’s now or never we’re in this together  we’ll fight through the highs and the lows no we won’t break we’re more than Flesh and bones.” -flesh and Bone

“We gotta be bold, we gitta be brave, we gotta free. Let everyone see it starts with you and me.”- You and Me.

so i’m updating, i’m 104 lbs k
f quirky o dainty and i’m that girl who knows a nothing about battles but am happy to be a sounding board to throw udea on XD. I’m always willing to trade on USUMSM i take HAs and unwanteds i don’t have much to offer but am working on it. Oh and u have a ( probably ) unhealthy  fascination  With names i’m happy to help name a Pikemon just ket me know what kind of none  you’d like

To start it’s not an  excuse but i’m blind, i don’t usually advertise that but i do here so everyone knows why i misspell things or shorten names, yes I CAN type long messages but nut nit  accurately. And it’s meha slow. I also have Aspergers a nental disability for kack of a better term so sometimes I ger REALLY mad and can’t thongs go. So don’t try to tell ne ton eventually  i’ll get over it in my time.

Okay next, SHINNIES!
First ever legit non-wormhole shony, Elgyem, male now a Beheeyem caught on Friday the 13th of No ember 2020, named Skye.

Second ever legit non-wormhole shiny. Femake Bagon ( I am still currently evolving her ) named by Kyogrepulse Esmerelda. November 16th 2020.

Okay niw i’d like to say  i’m generally an OK person to be around. I’m a good listener (I hope) and no matter what i’ll always try to lit my friends first. I hate being a self-pitter  but sometimes what I say comes out that way, I also don’t mean to be dramatic bht I do love theater XD seriously thkught i’ve never been one to want attention, friends yes, attention not so much.

Harry Potter
Mobster High
Ever After High
MLPFIM ( my little pony friendship is magic)
Equestria Girls
Fantasy books
Sci-Fi books
Historical Ruction books
SOME  inspirational  Books
The Twisted Tales seres
  Collecting  monster High, Ever After High dolls
Ring Bomb Party
Lots mite!

 People saying they’re OK when they really aren’t
 People making assumptions about me
 People telling me what to do unless they’re my equal and age  or older
Disrespecting mods
Gory movies or  anything  Gory really
People teasing  anime  Chars. I lnow they aren’t real but c’mon some if us like them.

Of course not all likes and dislikes apply here but why shouldn't I mention them?

One last thing
I write Fan-fiction most commnly i do Pokemon and i do a “Daily OC” but ut’s more like a “not-so-daily OC” i post  original characters  (ICs) on my wall and wait  to see who likes what. I also do what i call  Fusion fan fiction       Where i combine wolds  like the world of Disney’s Frozen and the Pokemon world( I actually haven’t written this one yet the idea came to me literally in a dream last night. I do FF’s and FFF’s cuz my dream us too be a writer  of Gantassy and or Adventure/Sci- fi.

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11 minutes ago by —Marill4Life—
"I amended "I'll have to get my Pokemon, but how 'bout after lunch?"" Amended? I'm sorry for all these posts but I can't seem to tell left from right (hyperactive because 1000 points).
13 hours ago by Gladion Aether
Holy frick I think my brain stopped working because I dunno what this means: ""Owen, hold up, wanna battle?" I asked his larked waggly"
13 hours ago by Gladion Aether
And also, is the 'aloud' in "something made me aloud him more often then not" supposed to be a different word?
13 hours ago by Gladion Aether
I'm going through and editing, and I found "I unceremoniously grabbed Pika and ran her Entourage of Pokemon" What's an entourage?
13 hours ago by Gladion Aether
Fine with me! Maybe it's just because I really dislike Julius, but I imagine him stalking Pika for some odd reason. XD

Oh, and I finally upgraded my house to level 3, meaning I can now have a kid in there. The day right after that, Luke and I had a discussion about having a kid. I'm gonna have a boy and name him Junior and he's gonna be sooooo cute. Well, I'm not even pregnant yet, but I'm super excited. Also, Luke said his dad's worried that Luke's annoying me. Which is the funniest thing because one, it's none of his business if his son annoys me or not, two, he doesn't annoy me at all, and three... I don't have a third reason. Anyway, my favorite of the kids are probably Heath and that one kid (I forget his name). Luke and Selena's kid is OK-looking but I despise her. And Vivian (I think her name was), Gill and Luna's daughter, looks like a complete snob. Really she doesn't look nearly as good as her dad.
15 hours ago by Gladion Aether
That sounds really interesting! I’m excited to see how it goes!
22 hours ago by ~KitkåtKK2™~
Aww look at the kids the other couples can have in AP: https://fogu.com/hm/animal_parade/rival_kids.php
1 day ago by Gladion Aether
It depends on the house. I literally don't know you'd have to find pictures or ask specific questions.
1 day ago by Gladion Aether
Sounds good, but what does "I’d need a hkyse descrilt thkugh tovdo that" mean?
1 day ago by Gladion Aether