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Gender: boy
Country: Hong Kong in China, when ur sleeping, i’m waking
Favorite Pokémon: Sylveon
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Glazio K
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Greaninja Fan
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About me: Congrats!
500 Point: 13/8/2020

Normal: Cinccino, Porygon2, Eevee-Partner, Tarous, Miltank, Spinda, Lopunny (Mega), Minccino, Audino (Mega), Bewear, Silvally, Drampa.

Grass: Skiddo, Shaymin, Ivysaur, Vilepume, Tangela, Meganium, Chikorita, Ludicolo, Nuzleaf, Liligant, Tangrowth, Snivy’s evolution line, Whimsicott,Chespin, Chesnaught, Phantump, Pumpkaboo (All size), Gourgeist (All size), Dhelmise, Zarude.

Fire: Quiliva, Mega Charidzard Y, Alolan Maromak, Lickwik, Chandelure, Talonflame, Blaziken (Mega), Larvesta’s evolution line, Reshiram, Volcanion, Sazzle.

Water: Piplup,Empoleon, Wartortle, Politoad, Totodile, Kingdra, Milotic, Floatzel, Buizel, Sobble, Pyukumuku, Volcanion, Slowking (Non-Galarian), Starmie, Feraligatr, Azumaril, Slowbro (Non-Galarian), Sharpedo (Mega &Normal), Popplio’s evolution line, wishiwashi (Schooling+Non schooling), Mareanie’s evolution line, Inteleon.

Electric: Alolan Raichu, Pincurchin, Dedenne, Pichu, Ampharos, Shinx, Yamper, Rotom-W, Rotom-H, Luxray, Rotom-M, Blitzle, Charjabug, Vikavolt, Bolyund, Moperko ( full belly)

Ice: Alolan Vulpix’s evolution line, Snom, White Kyreum, Weavile, Cubchoo, Eiscue, Alolan Sandshrew’s Evolution line.

Fighting: Gallade, Pancham, Hawlucha, Pancham, Chesnaught, Blaziken (Mega), Timeburr, Bewear, Falinks.

Poison: Toxapex, Galarian Slowbro, Ivysaur, Nido family, Galarian Weezing, Crobat, Gulpin, Scoptile, Whrilpede, Trubbish, Garbodor, Mareanie, Sazzle

Ground: Pallosand, Cubone, Nido Family, Quagsire, Phanpy, Larvitar, Rhydon, Rhyperior, Exadril, Golurk, Zygarde all Forme

Flying: Togekiss, Hawlucha, Noivern, Togetic, Talonflame, Dragonite, Mega Charidzard (Y), Crobat, Skormory, Mantine, Salamence, Rayquaza (Mega), Yveltal.

Psychic: Meowstic(M&F), Galarion Slowbro, Chimecho, Gardvior, Gallade, Hoopa Confined, Cosmog, Alolan Raichu, Mega Mewtwo (Y), Slowking, Wobbuffet, Lugia, Wynaut, Jirachi.

Bug: Chargabug, Scizor (Mega+Non Mega), Scolipede, Shuckle, Whrilipede, Larvesta’s Evolution line, Grubbin’s Evolution line, Snom

Rock: Shuckle, Larviter, Tyraniter (Non+Mega), Carbink, Diancie (Mega+Non-Mega), Rydon, Ryperior

Ghost: Misdreavius, Hoopa Confined, Sableye (Mega), Giritina (Origin), Lit wick, Chandelure, Aegislash, Phantump, Pumpkaboo (All size), Gourgeist (All size),Palossand, Mimikyu, Polteageist.

Dragon: Dragonite, Salamence, Rayquaza (Mega), Axew, Giritina (Orgin forme), Reshiram, Kyreum (White), Goomy, Goodra, Noivern

Dark: Umbreon, Tyranitar (Non-Mega), Nuzleaf, Sableye (Mega), Sharpedo (Mega +Non-Mega), Weavile, Zorua’s evolution line, Bisharp, Yveltal, Moperko (Full Mode), Zarude.

Steel:Bisharp, Empoleon, Alolan Sandshrew’s evolution line, Scizor (Mega+Non Mega), Skarmony, Mawile, Jirachi, Exadril, Klinkklang, Aegishlash, Klefki, Magearna, Meltan, Melemetal.

Fairy: All of them especially SYLVEON

So hi! I’. Crystal (Actually called Edison) from Hong Kong which is long away from your america, and I love pokemon.
So...Nothing Can Stop me that the truth I like all the fairy type pokemon
Not to mention, this website make me learned about pokemon more!
And to Mewdrator....You’re just amazing.
Ok, sorry on wasting your time for reading this..bye!

Fav Anime (Pkm) Charc.:
Fav anime (All) Chrac:
Nuzuko and Kanna

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The Glazio News
Well frick there's no news today. I'm such a lamehead. See ya.
8 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
I think I did a couple things but I can't remember what they are. I think breeding. Oh yeah, I think I got an HA Litten to add to the breeding service. See ya for now.
1 day ago by Glazio Kawaii
Guys i post a post somewhere, if you found it edison will be recovered seems he just learnt recover and i learn heal pulse
1 day ago by UncleEdison (0_0)
The Glazio News
I am an epic honk beep. Wow these opening lines are getting weird lately. I did a bit of GTSing and Link Trading, got some HA starters, my fourth Mew, and three new Type: Nulls. One's level 100 with perfect non-Super Trained IVs and I like it becuase why wouldn't I? I plan to do some more breeding. I have three new Pokemon to put in the breeding service, by the way. Oh, and I did some Wonder Trading as well. Ran into Mitsuki.TV and got a Magearna. Snazzy. Anyway, I think that's it! See ya!
2 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
I hope Edison recovers soon.

The Glazio News
After a bit of Pokestar Studiosing I did very little. So in Moon, I'm having an epic whee of the scree AKA a seizure for no reason. Don't worry I didn't actually have a seizure. But I'm very impatient and trying to max out Jade the Snivy's friendship so I can teach her Grass Pledge. I... think that's it. Well, see ya!
3 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
Thanks for the advice!
But there is a weird move that only shows the text "ice", is that Ice Punch?
3 days ago by ProfDelldell
He's yes'nt fine.
4 days ago by UncleEdison (0_0)
Edison's still in hospital. Although he just answer to a question lol.
4 days ago by UncleEdison (0_0)
(cries because of the car crash)
5 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
The frocky whee sad Hauhead alliance is going to crush the Gladion cult if we don't harness the power of Gla-Gla's cutie whees before I get White 2. Nonsense aside, I've been breeding some more Shinx so I can EV train a different one. Oh boy. Luckily I got the traits I wanted. Fire Fang, anyone? Boy I should get an HA Shinx. How am I supposed to do that, anyway? Well, I still want one. Maybe a person will bless me with their merciful GTS trades. Onto fanfic news. Pika explains to Rotom why she's embarrassed about the picture, and he still doesn't seem to understand. Stupid Rotom. Oh, you remember The Awkward Adventures Of Hau And Pika, right? Well, I did a tiny bit of work on that, too. Lusamine shows Pika her new room. It has some basic furnature so whee heads. Mmm... whee heads... uh, anyway, Pika thanks Lusamine, Lusamine leaves, and Pika needs to sleep more. Sleepy weepy Pika. The bed is really comfy softy. Pika turns off the lighty switchy and goes ni-night. Well, she's not asleep at the moment, but whatever. Welp, that's all for now! Frocky wocky Hauhead sends shivers down your spine! I mean see ya! My life is a meme...
5 days ago by Glazio Kawaii