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Gender: 87.5% Male*, 12.5% Female
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: Eevee and Hisuian Zorua (Most HATED...I mean, DiS-LiKeD Pokémon is GREEDUNT!)
Friend Codes: Was:  "JasonE" (1st),
          "JasonEeveeLution" (2nd),
          "J. Fuseon (Amalgeon)" (3rd),
          "Fusion Elitist Jason" (4th),
          "Jay ze VünderTrainer" (5th)
          "Jay the ꞰꓯωꓯÏ ꓱǝʌeE" (6th)
          "Multivee" (7th)
          "Jay the Sly Nicvee" (8th)
          "Hollow the Sylveekyu" (9th)
          "Shatter the Duskreon" (10th)
          "Nought the Curspeon" (11th)

Now:  Vim ze Hisuian Zorua

Hello, Darkness my old friend!
About me: It's me, your cute foxy ghost boi. :3

Just a lonely/(hollow) Ghost-type haunting the site, (shattered) by all the hardships previously endured and attempts to keep the charade up are for (nought). On the bright side, I am back with such (vim) and vigor.

Switch: SW-1917-6550-9891

Played: X, Sun, Ultra Sun, LGE [ERROR: LOST FILE], Shield [ERROR: LOST FILE], BD, PLA, and Violet (To Be Played)
Fav "Universal" Moves By Category (Phys. / Spec.):

NOR =     Extreme Speed / Tri-Attack
FIR =     Pyro Ball OR Blaze Kick / Flamethrower
WAT =     Liquidation / Water Shuriken
ELE =     Zing Zap / Thunderbolt
GRA =     Power Whip / Energy Ball
ICE =     Avalanche / Ice Beam
FIG =     Body Press / Aura Sphere
POI =     Poison Jab / Sludge Bomb
GRO =     High Horsepower / Earth Power
FLY =     Fly / Air Slash
PSY =     Zen Headbutt / Psychic
BUG =     Leech Life / Bug Buzz
ROC =     Rock Slide / Power Gem
GHO =     Phantom Force / Shadow Ball
DRA =     Dragon Claw / Dragon Pulse
DAR =     Darkest Lariat / Dark Pulse
STE =     Iron Head / Flash Cannon
FAI =     Play Rough / Dazzling Gleam
Fav mons I used on my teams (X - PLA):

NOR =    Eevee (G1)
FIR =    Cinderace (G8)
WAT =    Samurott-H (G8)
ELE =    Luxray (G4)
GRA =    Roserade (G4)
ICE =    Frosmoth (G8)
FIG =    Sneasler (G8)
POI =    Drapion (G4)
GRO =    Ursaluna (G8)
FLY =    Staraptor (G4)
PSY =    Delphox (G6)
BUG =    Vikavolt (G7)
ROC =    Coalossal (G8)
GHO =    Aegislash (G6)
DRA =    Goodra (G6)
DAR =    Incineroar (G7)
STE =    Corviknight (G8)
FAI =    Grimmsnarl (G8)

G1 = 1, G4 = 4, G6 = 3, G7 = 2, G8 = 8

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Questions: 50 (50 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 319 (132 chosen as best)
Comments: 970
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Ohh really? Here i thiught you were nolongewatching that
2 days ago by Eos The Lureena
That makes a lot of sense. I did know the initial parts of their names mean Future and Past (since the games are most prolly set in the future and past respectively, or have some kind of time travel feature), but wasn't aware of the latter part.

But still, the wheel looks goofy asf. XD
Jun 3 by xPsydxck
Wow and i thought i was busy XD.

Not much going on so far today but the day hasn’t really started yet good news, i have soda with caffine todrink . Bad news, i am still tired and i got up at 5:14
Jun 1 by Eos The Lureena
had no idea i eas missable or dobyou just miss Eden?

Yeah? I’m alive was jome over Mrmorial werkenrd do i easn’t on much. My IRL friend spent the night Friday and we kinda hust chilled then Sunday night my sibling spent the night yesterday we hit the closet city and went to Claire’s Burliron Macdonalds for lunch and then went to the movies to Dr. Strange and The Multiverse of Madness oh, last Ftiday i got my hands on a Thor Comic from 91  it wasnyhe 350th issue and ut was “Btoyher Vs Broyher.” It also  advertised  DND as a brand new thing so that  was a pure coincidence but it was still kind of cool,

I’ll add to Rden tommrrow hopefilly its Quinn’s turn, tight?

How eas your rial eeekened?Memo
Jun 1 by Eos The Lureena
Sure can you send me the info?
May 28 by Eos The Lureena
ok Vim Eos wanted me to send you this possible addition for Eden
Seth: Okay, but if you're part Ditto, why didn't you transform into a Fire-type?
Lanh (sarcastic): Wow, why didn't I think of that when I was getting burned literally half to death?
May 24 by KitkatKK2
Me in Chat trying to get my point across and nobody seems to get it:
May 24 by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
:00 Damn so do you have a favourite Dubstep song/producer?
May 21 by xPsydxck
How I watch In Space with Markiplier (L or R, 1 or 2):
May 3 by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Gen 9 with triple types would be crazy cool!!! :)
Apr 30 by This Guy