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Gender: I’m just a rainbow unicorn XD
Country: ATM Casteele
Favorite Pokémon: Too many to mention.
Friend Codes: Friends

Jimmy (maybe)
PX (maybe)
Serena (hope she’s okay)
Grim (we were i dunno now)
Fierce Ember (i think)
I’m sure i’ll make more but i’m surprised at how maby i have at least i consider us friends.
About me: Hmm you wanna know about me? Well okay! I’m basically blind, 20/20 is perfect vision, my vision is 20/1600 that’s not good. Due to that I make LOTS of spelling errors. You can correct me but do it nicely. I write Fan-fiction and Orgional Stories (see my wall) my friends X. Y, Glazio  KK and others do our writting together usually well we help each other along. I live Pokemon but don’t ask ne any battle Questions i’ll just be like “uhhhhh” and stare blankly. I love pop music and Showtunes sometimes I will Fangirl with Y about Taylor Swift. (You’ve been warned) I also enjoy Sci-fi and Fantassy books  like yhe Three Dark Crowns Series (i’m on book 3 of 4) I will trade mons on US I DO. OT OWN A SWITCH. and I don’t play anything older than US. At risk of bagging, I am trustworthy  kind and always willing to lend a hand or moral support you can ALWAYD wall me if you beed a place to talk or vent. Yup that’s me see ya in chat!

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Name: Jasper.
10 hours ago by Rayquaza2753
Uh ok.

Age: 14
Personality: Dark, mysterious likes black and red things with the ac/dc logo on.
Name: The Voltquaza

You do the rest don’t have too much time.
10 hours ago by Rayquaza2753

Pika: "(calling on phone) Gladion! Gladion, me and Kylani need help!"
Gladion: "What's wrong?!"
Pika: "We're in love with the design of our fanfic OCs and I want tender loving care!"
Gladion: "..."
Pika: "(phone buzzes with the hung-up sound) Hello?"
12 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
Ah, cool!

Also, help, I'm loving Shadowshine's design more and more by the minute! XD
12 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
Ah. So, when do you plan to start your new fanfics?
13 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
Throat cancer. They're going to try to treat him soon.

The small plus side (I hate to say there's a plus side to cancer) is that he's been losing loads of weight lately, which is great. I guess that's a little something be thankful for, though I much would be preferred the cancer never to happen in the first place. Duh.
13 hours ago by Mega-Blade X
Also, congrats. You are the only person I know besides me that stutters in text.
13 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
I was looking at HT's wall and saw this:

"i doubt anyone really hayes you not even Glazio"

I suppose I don't HATE HT, but I certainly don't LIKE him. I personally agree with the demotion thing. Although our stance on it doesn't really matter, as he's already demoted and we're not any sort of auth.
13 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
I've been doing ok, I deleted all my social medias to escape the toxicity. I'm happy to get my license and 2ds xl though :)
how about you?
13 hours ago by CC ™
Added you back, I think it was because you were putting a space between the username and the number
14 hours ago by Hellfire Taco