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Gender: Male
Country: New Jersey, U.S.A.
Favorite Pokémon: Blaziken, Lucario, and Latios are among my favorites. Lycanroc and Scizor are terrible imo.
Friend Codes: 3DS FC:

Nintendo Switch FC:

Pokemon Showdown!: PikaPaul900

Discord: LycanPaul #7780

Youtube: https://urlzs.com/Ucp3R
About me: Hi, I'm X-Scizor, a metallic insectoid. Don't mind my quiet presence in chat; I'll try my best to conversate if anyone wants to talk with me by any chance. :P

My first ever Pokémon game (and also my favorite) was Omega Ruby. The story and especially the Delta Episode was amazing, and the characters and Pokémon were extremely memorable. I would rate it 10/10 for having a lot of water. And if you think ORAS sucks, then so does your opinion.

I really don't play 3DS anymore, but if I decided to play UM for whatever reason, I'll probably be accepting trade and battle requests.

I prefer battling on Pokémon Showdown!, as I'm too lazy to EV train and IV breed. My main username is PikaPaul900, and I'm always accepting battle requests for OU and Random Metagames.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.


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I remember when STP was banned
May 21 by NebbyY
I remember when he wasn't dead
May 18 by SpillThePolteageist
man I remember when I congratulated you on reaching 600 points. ;(
May 4 by NebbyY
Fire blast
Apr 15 by SpillThePolteageist
Happy Easter! :P
Apr 12 by Staka~
come back legend ;-;
Apr 3 by CC ™
Cool, halfway to expert. Only took about 2 3/4 years.
Jun 14, 2019 by X-Scizor
all I can say is, I don't belong here lmfao. Being born and raised in nyc sounds like a dream, and it was when I was a little kid, but now the city is changing, it's getting more populated (as in overoveroverpopulated)  and more polluted. I'll probably go to college up state, out of state, or out of country.
Jun 8, 2019 by CC ™
just wanted to say that you live a state below me :0
Jun 7, 2019 by CC ™
Grats on Top 99! :P
Jun 7, 2019 by Staka~