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Gender: Male
Country: United States
Favorite Pokémon: any dragon or water type (except goomy and magikarp)
Friend Codes: None
About me: My favorite Pokemon of each type are as follows:
Normal: Tauros
Fire: Blaziken
Water: Samurott/Gyarados
Electric: Vikavolt
Grass: Tsareena
Ice: Beartic
Fighting: Lucario
Poison: Salazzle
Ground: Mudsdale
Flying: Toucannon
Psychic: Lunala
Bug: Leavanny
Rock: Nihilego
Ghost: Gengar
Dragon: Hydreigon
Dark: Zoroark
Steel: Solgaleo
Fairy: Florges
I find it incredible that the god of Pokemon can be captured by a 10-year old.
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List of shinies I have: Binacle(now Barbaracle), Rockruff(now Lycanroc)

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