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Gender: I'm a Cantaloupe.
Country: Sinnoh
Favorite Pokémon: See About Me
Friend Codes: Hi! I'm iloveflareon123, but that's too long of a name , so just call me Flareon. Or Cantaloupe Kid. But I prefer the former....

Consider7 aka Ms Taco Goddess - bc she said so and we are both fruits apparently
Flowersun - we're in a club and she traded me a palkia

New 3DS: 0534-1165-4048

Joined: 11/25/19
100 pts: 12/27/19
200 pts: 1/3/20
300 pts: 1/12/20

All hail our lord and savvior, BALL GUY
Anyone have a Shiny naganadel for trade in S/M/US/UM? I've got many legendaries, non-english pokes, and some (albeit not the best) shinies.

Welcome to Cornya, the land of good eye sight and bad jokes.
*Did you hear about the old skydiving trend?*

It plummeted.
*Did you hear about the new murdering trend?*

The creator made a killing.
*Did you hear about the new stilt-wearing trend?*

I heard it was the height of fashion.
*What did the Minecraft YouTuber say so they didn't get demonetized?*

Oh, Shitake Mooshrooms!
*What did the fish say when it ran into a wall?*

*What do you call a fish with no eyes?*

A fsh.

About me: Oh? Snorlax is evolving?
Congratulations! Your Snorlax has evolved into ...
*nostalgia intensifies*

Favorite Pokemon:
Flareon, Gallade, Giratina Origin Form, Naganadel, Wooloo, Poipole, Mudkip (i leik 'em), Blaziken, Staraptor, Bidoof, Palkia, Cosmog, Decidueye, and Strawberry Ice Cream.

Favorite Games:
Pokemon Pearl (first pokemon game ever)
Pokemon Ultra Sun (My most active game, got loads of good pokemon on it)
Pokemon R/S/E (I want to buy Emerald, but I only have a 3DS and a DSi boohoo)

Games I own (in order of when I got them):
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Ultra Sun
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pokemon Sword (technically I don't own it, but whatever)

Games I want:
Pokemon Emerald (only played on emulators, please don't hate me)
Pokemon Y (because I need to complete my dex in OR)
Pokemon White 2 (So I can play Unova and transfer some of my Gen 4 pokes to Gen 6 -> 7 -> 8)
Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver (2 regions in one!)

I need to get a grav.

Happy New Decade, Everyone!!!

Longtime champion of Sinnoh!

My first game was Pearl.

Just got a Switch!

Is the quality of my answers okay?

My Shinies:
Ultra Sun (main for hunting)
-3 Altaria via Ultra Warp Method
-2 Barbaracle via Ultra Warp Method
-1 Stunfisk (first in game) via UWM
-1 Quagsire via UWM
-1 Nuzleaf via UWM
-1 Houndour (now Houndoom) via Masuda Method
-1 Giratina (trade)
-1 Shaymin (trade)
-1 Mew (trade, probably hacked :,/ )
-1 Hariyama (trade)
-1 Seviper via MM
-1 Yanmega via UWM
-1 Caterpie via MM

-1 FULL ODDS Staravia (failed)
-1 FULL ODDS Starly!

Just started the TCG. i don't have many good cards. :P

I use this site more on my 3DS than my computer, thanks Pokemaster

What I like about Grape Nuts is that there are no gimmicks. There’s no cartoon bird prancing about on the box cover, there’s no commercial with Barney and Fred getting in fist fights over a bowl of Grape Nuts, you get a box full of cereal and that’s it. It’s not even a big box filled with air and prizes, it’s just a pound of wheat and barley with a picture on the front.  What I have here is living proof that Grape Nuts is truly life changing. A four pound box of Grape Nuts, in all it’s glory. Any other box of cereal this size would weigh half as much, which makes them half as good. There’s something to be said about a cereal with the same density as sand.  Just holding the box gives you a sense of power like holding a baseball bat or a meat cleaver. There is some serious loft to this cereal. I could kill a man if I had to with this and I’m not even joking.  Another thing I like about Grape Nuts is that it sinks right to the bottom of the bowl. There’s nothing glamorous about it, no lame snaps or crackles, no different colors, no marshmallows, just a pile of food sitting at the bottom of a bowl of milk.  Eating the food is an adventure within itself. Bite too soft and you aren’t gonna break a one. Bite too hard and you might chip a tooth. It really is a wild man’s cereal.  I’m not even going to talk about the taste of Grape Nuts, because there isn’t any. If there wasn’t milk you would swear that you were eating gravel, the only different being that gravel might soften up a bit.  The very best part of Grape Nuts is after the whole eating experience. If you’ve ever accidentally swallowed a rock you know what it’s like to eat a bowl of Grape Nuts. The feeling of it sitting in the bottom of your stomach is a reminder for the rest of the day that you actually ate the stuff, rewarding you long long after you take the last bite.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PEASANT! I hope it's a good one!
1 day ago by Consider7
I just noticed that Palkia's in your favorite Pokemon list. :)
2 days ago by Flowersun
sup, we are far and few in between
3 days ago by wokeboke
Hey, I noticed I was in your Friends list! :)
Thanks! :)
3 days ago by Flowersun
Also, did you find out about me playing Pearl by looking at my question about Sneasel?
3 days ago by Flowersun
Nice! I wish I had a Switch.
3 days ago by Flowersun
Oh, that's rough! Sorry about the Sensor Bar.
4 days ago by Flowersun
Also, I use emulators all the time. My Wii is modded. It has NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, and more! :)
5 days ago by Flowersun
Hex joined the club! The club is ALIVE! :)
5 days ago by Flowersun
Don't worry, I've re-opened the club! It's back, and you're still in it! Sorry for freaking you out like that. There was a bit of drama between me and my mom, and I thought I was grounded forever. XD
It's BACK! :)
5 days ago by Flowersun