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Gender: take a guess any guess but if you guess wrong you’ll die have fun hehe love you <3
Country: amewica uwu
Favorite Pokémon: Yveltal
Friend Codes: Pyra isn’t hot.

Happy day that isn’t April Fools.
About me: I’ll steal your belongings and burn them all

hai I’m y

Zelda is hot. Link is hot. Fire Emblem Smash boys are hot. Pyra is hot garbage.

mythra tho o.o

Music update: my playlist is currently Mood, The Hills, Heartless, Wow., Sunflower, Congratulations, Psycho, and Rockstar. Isn’t that fun?

I like Greek mythology it’s cool.

I’m the queen of cheap shinies, weird ev spreads, db swifties (there’s only like one more), and uh nothing else hehe.

Except hehe I shall now trademark that.


I went through a Serperior phase AND a Braixen phase. Don’t love em as much as I did then but they’re still some of my favorites.

Omg Gladion I swear I’m working on Sad Tiara.

I got a name change and 666 upvotes on my one year anniversary yay.

petition for x to check his goddamn email

I have a YouTube playlist with just driver’s license and deja vu on it that I listen to on loop for hours

seconds ago
Everyone is a hot dude except for people who aren’t hot dudes

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No u
3 days ago by Omega-Blade X
Well ****
5 days ago by Omega-Blade X
pfft who needs to be legal right thats no fun
5 days ago by Omega-Blade X
Why cant i figuratively be done tho
5 days ago by Omega-Blade X
I'm down for being done by an arrow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
5 days ago by Omega-Blade X
You should be lucky to have the chance to desperately do me
5 days ago by Omega-Blade X
s h u t
6 days ago by Omega-Blade X
Ahhh don't remind me of x abuse that sucked

Also yes ik isn't my wall amazing
6 days ago by Omega-Blade X
May 11 by Soul Stealer
yay pan representation :D
May 11 by trz