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Hey, when you're gonna be active again? I sent you an friend request via Discord, be sure to accept it when you come back again! This is my tag in case you're confused: Kyurem-White#6133
Mar 24 by Frozen Inferno 火
Mar 19 by Da Viper
> Yeah, really ded
 2 days ago by ~Dragapulse~

P o s s i b ly d e a d
Mar 15 by Ignis Aqua Herba
'F' to pay respects
Mar 14 by BeastMaster™
Yeah, really ded
Mar 13 by ~Dragapulse~
Kinda dead
Mar 11 by BeastMaster™
Lol just read messages on ur wall. Pls come back soon.
Feb 14 by Da Viper
I don't think the community clash is going to work because Staka already made a roster or something like that so its cancelled for now
Feb 11 by Ignis Aqua Herba
Greetings, inhabitants of the planet you call Earth. I am the Supreme Overlord of this quadrant in the Galaxy 3E-76F.  My former objective was to remain the sole protector over this planet. Now, I realize that the unlimited greed of humans has driven this pathetic planet to near extinction. As instructed by the Galactic Counsel, my main objective has changed. This objective orders the elimination of the human race. Then, we will use your planet for purposes that will not be disclosed. Goodbye
Feb 10 by BeastMaster™
Lol is u ded
Jan 24 by A usual glimpse.