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Gender: 50% Female, 50% Alien
Country: O Canada, my home and native land.
Favorite Pokémon: Ditto, because he can be alll the pokemon! Also, pink blob. Lilligant is close though! My favorite shiny is celebi.
Friend Codes: Friends are overrated lol
But seriously, check about me for a friend’s list.
About me: I L O V E love Pokemon. I only play casually though. Ok, maybe not ONLY casually. I am on Showdown!, after all. Same name as here.  Also love books, they make me happy. I can’t comprehend Fahrenheit, or 4 years of high school, so don’t ask me. If you don’t get the reference in country, it’s the first lyric of our national anthem.

My favorite quotes.
"There has to be ninjas around here somewhere!" -Some random guy in Wyndon Yes, the pokemon location. Yes, the vanilla game.
“I’m not groceries!” -Jessie in the SM anime.
Favorite Pokémon by type!
Normal: Ditto (1st favorite)
Electric:  Oricorio PomPom style
Fire: Chandelure (4th favorite)
Ground: Palossand
Grass: Lilligant (2nd favorite)
Dark: Absol
Fairy: Alcremie
Bug: Ribombee
Water: Frillish
Psychic: Celebi (3rd favorite)
Fighting: Meloetta (Pirouette form)
Ghost: Mimikyu
Flying: Talonflame
Dragon: Goodra
Poison: Roserade
Steel: Mawile (5th favorite)
Ice: Glaceon
Rock: Aurourus

 -------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

Quiz! If you get them all right, then I will give you a hi-five across the Internet!
Pokémon Edition!
1. This is the smallest (not lightest) Gen V Pokémon.
2. Two third stage Pokémon can be obtained at level 1. Name both.
3. In my Gravatar, which Pokémon did team rocket want ditto to copy?
4. This is the name the old woman uses for the gift cosmog you get at the end of the Crown Tundra Expansion.
5. Which Pokeball has the animation of hearts upon coming out?
6. Name a Pokémon with a unique type combination.
7. What was the OT of the gen 7 event in which you got a shiny Tapu?

The quiz will be updated as soon as somebody gets them all right.
People who did it:
DelphoxOracle (x2)
Hollow the Sylveku
Gladion Aether
I now have a club. It shall be known as the Pink Celebi club. This club is for people I regard as online friends.
Current members:

1. KitkatKK2. That’s me!
2. Gladion Aether
3. Aurora Zapp
4. Darkrai07 (honestly idk if ur alive)
5. Serena the sylveon (see above)
6. Hollow the Sylveku (Betcha a dollar I misspelled that)

Call me: KK, Kitkat, or Kit. Do not call me: KKKK

Ok bye.

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The title? Eae’s Flight like he’s “flying” asin escalinv . Jt’ll probably be in the middle or close to the end but there’ll the fire his mom tells him to escape that’s why i used “flight” also because he  eventually  Has a dragkn outfit he wears
4 days ago by Unbirthday
Helo KK! How are you?  Just saying hi and you probably saw the Rae’s Flight thing but yeah got a new jdea goin XD
6 days ago by Unbirthday
I liked aurora Zapp better btw
 28 minutes ago by ~KitkåtKK2™~

Jan 15 by Gladion Aether
Oh PS i asdume u saw the new wonderland pokemon fic? It’s repkackng the Wonder woman kne below XD
Jan 15 by Unbirthday
Well u can still call me Aurora the name is from a book eell actually it’s the books title and my grav is oart if that books ckver. Yaay yku’re aluve! How are you?
Jan 15 by Unbirthday
Okaay mow i’m seriousky clnsidering that yku died XD. (BYW Jt’s me AZ)  how are you?
Jan 14 by Unbirthday
Jan 12 by SSuperiority
Warier, Trainer, Princess
This fic is a fusion of DC Comics and  Pokemon . Specifically wonder Woman.


Sixteen year old Diana Prince is the daughter of Helena Trigon’s Champion and a Flying-Type specialist. Diana wants adventure even though she loves Trigon but she hasn’t been allured to leave her native home. Het mother treats her like she’s a kid which is beyond annoying.  When Diana catches wind of an evil Organization that’s attempting to nit only overthrew her mom but steal Trigon’s ears trio type Pokemon. Diana knows she’ll be breaking the rules but she win’t let this org win. In order to stop them she has to learn how to be a real Teaser and learn the true Origins of Team Royale.


Name: Diana Prince
Age: 16
Region of origin: Trigon
Parent(s) Helena Trigon’s Chameleon

Appearance, long wavy thick black hair, light blue etes, tall, light skin, slender but muscular. She wears a red off-shoulder tank with gold edges, light blue leggings, red knee high boots, a narrow gold bet, gold metallic headband and several gold bangles,

Personality, Diana is brace Border-lining on reckless. See is smart and quickly adapts to her surroundings. She’s incredibly strong And fast. She’s see’s not girly  very often but can be extremely so if the situation calls for it. She’s also a very good actress  and can be deceptive but she doesn’t like deceiving others.  She is quick to judge and usually her judgment is right. She also won’t fir-give easily if she’s emotionally hurt.
Jan 11 by Unbirthday
Hello? Are yku alive? CD

Just saying hi got an idea to show you! Imma hgo type ut
Jan 11 by Unbirthday
Aw man! XD  kh well i can’t talk i just hipe this disen’t have to do with Gladion saying ut was too fast paced  if jt is yku shiyldn’t let her tell yiu how to wrjte (i gace up tryibg to impress her) and if jt dosen’t well then sorry.
Jan 8 by Unbirthday