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~Idk it sounds manly. Look at me. Organ mod.~
~ I'm looking at my freshly coffee barrel for the first time do you want to nature your guest~
~krlw I will break your kneecaps~
~pm plz give me an odd number of points~
~I may be adult... but adult I'm not~
~If I wanted a bulbapedia page, I would’ve went on bulbapedia~
~Soon: 19 year old and 15 year old. Committing arson.~
~I think my name is tea for a reason~
~ In conclusion we be immature bxtches but now we’re immature bxtches together~
~and trees~
~come to think of it this waterbottole is bigger than a full term fetus meaning if I can drink the whole thing and survive within an hour I’ll probably survive labour~
~Suggestion: ban all the dumb little kids~


I promise I’m cool



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Nov 28 by BM™
TY TY did I ever tell you I'm working at Panera? No more Mr. Subway Man, I'm the Bread Man (I still wrap sandwiches subway style occasionally, it's a habit). Life has been good as of late, I'm trying to work on myself as a person, y'know, getting out there and branching out past my comfort zone. I'm starting to apply for colleges now, and I'm hoping to get into my dream school so that I can major in marine biology.

Anyways, how's your life?
Nov 28 by BM™
You are literally my best friend now and forever and thank you for not giving up on me ;-; <3
Nov 28 by Amethyst
OMG THANK YOU I just feel like the public speaking and charisma parts will be a problem lol. But I'll be damned if I don't make a change in this world :knife:
Omg I'm honoured you still remember that <333

Also yes of course!! I'm gonna send you one or two uwu
Nov 28 by Amethyst
That statement was right.
Nov 28 by Pogokira
I never left! Been doing major RMT cleanup and general site management in the shadows. Silent edit button is my best friend sksksk

I love you so much too omg <3

Ok uhhhh interesting stuff let's see. I wrote a couple poems recently because I'm getting into that now. Also I'm considering a career in political science!! Political analyst or maybe even just a straight up politician?? Still time to decide but I'm leaning towards that pretty heavily right now lol
Nov 28 by Amethyst
"and the other part of me is like “wow it would be really selfish to make a whole family abandon their lives just so I can go on dates with my boyfriend”"

Nov 28 by Pogokira
I think I figured out how to add reaction roles
Nov 27 by BM™
Hmmm yikes that sounds rough. I wish I could help in some way :(

You guys can 100% get it together though, you're one of the greatest damn people I know, and if anyone can figure this **** out, you can <3
Nov 27 by Amethyst
I know lol.
I was joking but I actually might hunt a Snom for my team...
Nov 27 by Light Hope ♡