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About me: Fizz’s self-proclaimed girlfriend
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Confidently stupid and mentally unstable. Whether I’m your best friend or worst enemy is up to you.


Quotes (aka dumb things I’ve said at some point):

~As far as I’m concerned I’m just an immature adult with unhealthy boundries~

~you were around 7 years old when i first joined the database~

~pm plz give me an odd number of points~

~I may be adult... but adult I'm not~

~If I wanted a bulbapedia page, I would’ve went on bulbapedia~

~EVERYONE has a crush on me. I mean, I have a crush on a 30 year old~

~Soon: 19 year old and 15 year old. Committing arson.~

~I think my name is tea for a reason~

~ In conclusion we be immature bxtches but now we’re immature bxtches together~

~I ordered 72 cookies from my local subway~

~And trees.~

~come to think of it this waterbottole is bigger than a full term fetus meaning if I can drink the whole thing and survive within an hour I’ll probably survive labour~


~Suggestion: ban all the dumb little kids~

I will not hesitate to downvote you and bite your kneecaps

I’m here to stay. deal with it.

I promise I’m cool


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(actually there's no reason for us to be friends since we never even met each other and one or both of us could be untrustworthy or something like that)
4 hours ago by mega mismagius
am i your friend?
4 hours ago by mega mismagius
Also imagine having friends lol
12 hours ago by PX
What's your favourite berry
12 hours ago by PX
That Sailor Moon?
18 hours ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
to me you are like a good friend :)
19 hours ago by Creative481
spooky :000000
21 hours ago by AlphaSapphire
23 hours ago by ~Greyscale~
when the chuji and the jomo and the un un on that beat
1 day ago by Chao220
can we kiss? /hj
1 day ago by ~azureshiram~