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Gender: Male
Country: Takagess
Favorite Pokémon: Dunno
Friend Codes: 3DS: 3712 - 0158 - 5466

Showdown stuff:  
Current username: Veroculity

Aiming to get on the randoms ladder.

Gen 8 AG peak: 2058
Gen 8 Ubers peak: 1687
NDAG peak: 1976
NDMono peak: 1646
Monotype peak: 1601
Gen 8 1v1 peak: 1657
Gen 8 Randoms: 1819
Gen 9 Randoms: 2101

Cool ScarVio codes:

This is no hallucination,
This is my reality.
And with all my heart I truly believe,
I've finally been set free.

I FINALLY updated my gallery for Violet.

Edit: Not currently accurate

*Shiny Hunts*

Current hunts:

Future hunts:
°Ponyta, Mantyke (Diamond)
°Dratini, Mareep, Geodude, Heracross, Slowpoke (HeartGold)
°Unown (Diamond or HeartGold I dunno I just want one)
°Snivy, Litwick, Scraggy, Tynamo, Drilbur, Archen (B/W/B2/W2)
About me: Messing around with AI is fun. You should try it sometime.

But anyways,
Hi, I'm ~White(fancy o)ut~, don't directly reference my 4th username, you get the whole idea.

Note to self:
I failed a shiny Dondozo after the Swalot.

Just some random spam:

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1 hour ago by Gokutenks
Gotenks riding a pterodactyl through the sky.

Don't ask, just imagine.
1 hour ago by Gokutenks
1 hour ago by Gokutenks
Hmm... Gotenks (the small cute one, not the fat one), because I got Fusions.
2 hours ago by Gokutenks
(convinces you)
2 hours ago by Gokutenks
No Goten. No Gotenks. No Tarble.

I will never be okay or something equally as dramatic.
5 hours ago by Gokutenks
(sobs hysterically)
7 hours ago by Gokutenks
epic grav
14 hours ago by Hallucinogens
"Alright, time to go to the surface and draw out your pretty little friends."
1 day ago by Gokutenks