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About me: ✧ "the skies, the stars...its all a big hoax."
i dont really like scaramouche i just really like that quote above which is said by him ^ calling muself as scara for the lols because i say that quote a lot too.

currently into pokemon, genshin, vocaloids and rhythm thief -- and uhhh feel free to add me on genshin, i think.

feel free to wall me "dn" if you want to hear a silly story about my life.

proud member of benny's adventure team.

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1 day ago by Stephwheel8
good for you! and thank you :D
i wish i could play genshin, but my laptop cant handle it :(
hope you have a nice holiday!!
2 days ago by Chaos481
Tenma :D
im doing good! holiday is here so i could play games everyday lol
how about you?
2 days ago by Chaos481
I’m doing great <3
4 days ago by Stephwheel8
Thanks! Good luck on your hunt!

And nice! Glad you've been doing well. :3
5 days ago by Yuya the Goggles
Will do :D
5 days ago by BM™
plasma onion

I'm good! I've played some games, played some more games, cried (well not really) because demos are too short... the usual. And I know the feeling. I once attempted to SOS chain Absol, and it didn't take long before I quit. They hit pretty hard (I should've leveled up my Mawile or whatever I was using more) and rarely called for help, and I apparently didn't wanna go through the effort. What a mess.

Anyway, how've you been?
Jun 23 by Yuya the Goggles
Ooh that is exactly the interpretation I have of that quote!
You know there could be another interpretation of how an innocent looking person can fool you by looks but be terrifying in terms of power. But I feel this is a more shallow interpretation, and what we think is the more deep (I hate using this word because of how often its related to edgy 14yos, but the word is applicable here lol) interpretation.

I like to imagine physical applications of quotes/teaching, and for this I imagined this scene where the villains have a very mystical and innocent character who's secretly the most powerful of them all. This is where the shallow meaning of "there is nothing more beautiful yet terrifying than innocence" would apply, and the villains would say that to scare the good guys (very 5yo vocab but honestly "heroes" seemed 3yo). But the good guys are aware of the real meaning, and would manipulate the innocent character into attacking for them. And prolly tease the villains by saying the quote.

OK end of TEDTalk!
Jun 23 by xPsydxck
Taking comms? Ooh, how much do you charge (if you charge, that is lol)?

As for me, I've been alright, playing a lot of video games
Jun 23 by BM™

Jun 22 by Yuya the Goggles