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Gender: sigma female
Country: Indonesia (UTC/GMT+7). Mentally in Johto for now ♡
Favorite Pokémon: Blissey, Meloetta, Giratina, Cleffa, Nihilego, Reshiram, Gardevoir and Cradily to name some
Friend Codes: PS!: reshiwum
Smogon: azureshiwum
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PokeGo: 6455 1762 2397 (reshiiwum)
Genshin UID: 848212891 (Asia Server. IGN: anak-mamak)
BanG! Dream ID: 9426555 (IGN: blisseykid)
About me: Yo! I'm Tenma. I'm an aspiring artist as well as a shiny hunter who often relies on sheer luck. Oh and I write fics as well as silly original things too. Any pronouns works for me I think. My Artworks can be found in my Twitter and my stories can be found in AO3 :)

Violence is a question and the answer is yes

Quote of the week is: "Are Wallace and Champion Steven....?! Nah!" -Barry, Pokémon Masters EX.

Shinies caught!

Azumarill: Caught at level 21 as a Marill with Quirky Nature and Thick Fat. Found in Route 212, Platinum. Chained for with the Pokeradar in the morning. Female, nicknamed Berry.

Sneasel: Caught at level 33 with Docile Nature and Inner Focus. Found in Route 216, Platinum. Random full-odds encounter while chaining Sneasel with the Pokeradar in the nighttime. Male, nicknamed Candy.

Eevee: Caught at level 22 with Hardy Nature and Adaptability. Found in Trophy Garden, Platinum. Chained for with the Pokeradar in the nighttime. Female, nicknamed Lyra. Will be evolved to Umbreon.

Kirlia: Caught at level 17 as a Ralts with Docile Nature and Synchronize. Found in Route 209, Platinum. Chained for from the morning to afternoon. Female, nicknamed Marriane.

Roggenrola: Caught with 17CP in Pokémon Go around my bedroom. Randomly encountered in the evening. Male, nicknamed Pluto.

Shinx: Caught with 144CP in Pokémon Go around the streets. Encountered during Community Day in the afternoon. Male, nicknamed peeboy.

Shinx: Caught with 402CP in Pokémon Go around my bedroom. Encountered during Community Day in the afternoon. Male, nicknamed pee.

Most of my shinies are from Platinum because chaining, baby. I have no idea how you guys are able to go through 69420 soft resets just to get an alt skin Pokemon.

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Hewwo! :3

I’m doing pretty good, thank for asking!
How about you?
4 hours ago by Stephwheel8
Also does genshin have multiplayer? If yes that would be fun!
5 hours ago by Creative481
Well, i don't have a PC, But have a 8 GB RAM laptop with a memory of 130+. Hope thats enough :)
And yay for no need to pay primogems!
12 hours ago by Creative481
also is primogems needs money? if yes then im sad...
13 hours ago by Creative481
ooo seems interesting, might play that but what is the requirement to play genshin? i already have rocket league, and dont have any games to download anymore (until i find something interesting) and before you tell me this, i was having a pretty negative view about genshin, but now im interested in it. might play that :)
13 hours ago by Creative481
What is a primogems?
16 hours ago by Creative481
Is genshin fun? Never played it :/
17 hours ago by Creative481
Eyo I play Genshin too
2 days ago by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
so you play genshin now? dan username mu namanya anak mamak? PERFECTO!
3 days ago by Creative481
jar sized n
5 days ago by ~azureshiram~