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Omg welcome back :D
1 day ago by ELLIS DEE
Welcome back Altaria! :)

Do you know who I am?
2 days ago by -MegaManectric-
I was Glazio Kawaii if you were wondering.
2 days ago by Fenton Force
Uhm I'm Tenma :]

Compared to you, I can say that my account is younger by 4 months. A lil new? Not really. In the middle I think.
2 days ago by ~azureshiram~
Btw if you dunno who I am... Duh you would know. I am Blaze.
3 days ago by ~BlazeFreeze~
Alt is back!!!
4 days ago by ~BlazeFreeze~
4 days ago by ~DracoMeteor~
Welcome back oml
Who am I you may surely wonder :sus:
5 days ago by Kiawe
:0000 I heard about you a lot. Legend.

Hii welcome back! Nice to see you again :)
5 days ago by ~azureshiram~
ohhh sorry im Y aka chocolatte aka megacharizardy
5 days ago by ~Greyscale~