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Gender: he/they
Country: sad tiara
Favorite Pokémon: Yveltal / Serperior / Zekrom / Ty
Friend Codes: I might go back into the HA breeding business but in SWSH. Currently making a chart with all the options. If I'm ever fully back I'll update this and *maybe* open orders. Anyways, this'll slowly be updated. The IVs go in order of the stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Speed).

About me: Hi I'm Y.

I deleted my about me 'cause it took to long to scroll through to edit. To summarize what you might have missed, the main message was "listen to cavetown".

anyways people keep saying i have a thing for blondes im sorry that Taylor Swift, Corrin (Fire Emblem aka SSBU), Zelda, Marla, Ty, and a certain friend of mine are hot.


ur mom ahahhahaha funny joke.


shes a lavender bouquet <3


why cant i be a cute guy lol


grav is a screenshot of Marla from the webtoon High Class Homos. i highly recommend it.


im kinda back but not to do expert-y things and i probably wont be answering many questions either


im pansexual. my type is nonstick.

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Do you hear Green Needle or Brainstorm?
Jun 17 by BM™
Please… laurel is the superior side. I originally heard yanny, then laurel, but now yanny again *cries*
Jun 1 by AureliusReyes
Ur bad
May 26 by BM™
AV Kyurem was kinda bad yes, and don't think I only down-vote your posts. It's not anything personal
May 2 by Swas ♣
(Idk which one you're referring to)
May 1 by Swas ♣
Competitive nub
May 1 by Swas ♣
Skill issue
Apr 24 by BM™
Apr 24 by BM™
I saw you mention promotions. Tbh, needs more activity and maybe more meta stuff? But I think you'd be a good fit
Apr 23 by PX
Thank you <3
Apr 22 by ~WilloWisp~