Simple (ability)

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The Simple ability doubles all stat changes and the power of critical hits. The move Simple Beam can change a Pokémon's ability to Simple.

For example, using Swords Dance would increase the Pokémon's attack by 4 stages instead of the usual 2. If Tail Whip was targeted at a Pokémon with Simple, its defense would drop 2 stages instead of 1. Critical Hits do 4× regular damage instead of 2×.

Due to the way the game calculates the stat modification, there are effectively 8 stages, so single-stage modifications can be used 4 times instead of the expected 3. However the stats do not increase past the 6th stage of 4×.

Game descriptions

The Pokémon is prone to wild stat changes.
Black 2/White 2
The Pokémon is prone to wild stat changes.
X/Y The Pokémon is prone to wild stat changes.

Pokémon with Simple

2nd ability
Hidden ability
322 Numel Oblivious Own Tempo
399 Bidoof Unaware Moody
400 Bibarel Unaware Moody

Simple as a hidden ability

Other abilities
527 Woobat Klutz
528 Swoobat Klutz