Unova Route 10 (location)

This is the Pokémon Location guide for Route 10 in Unova.

Choose which generation of games you're playing to see the Pokémon and capture methods. (Hint: Black/White 1 & 2 are Generation V, other DS games are Gen IV.)

Generation 5


Walking in grass or a cave

Pokémon Games Seasons Rarity Levels Details
Herdier BWB2W2 33-34
Rufflet BWB2W2 34-36
Vullaby BWB2W2 34-36
Throh BWB2W2 33-36
Sawk BWB2W2 33-36
Foongus BWB2W2 34-35
Bouffalant BWB2W2 34-35
Double Grass
Herdier BWB2W2 38-39
Rufflet BWB2W2 39-41
Vullaby BWB2W2 39-41
Throh BWB2W2 38-41
Sawk BWB2W2 38-41
Amoonguss BWB2W2 39-40
Bouffalant BWB2W2 39-40
Shaking/Bubbling spots
Audino BWB2W2 33-36
Emolga BWB2W2 34
Stoutland BWB2W2 36
Throh BWB2W2 36
Sawk BWB2W2 36
Tyrogue BWB2W2 33-34


Static Pokemon that attacks when interacted with

Pokémon Games Seasons Rarity Levels Details
Foongus BWB2W2 30
Amoonguss BWB2W2 40